Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo


Bry R.
Love it!!

I have pretty oily hair so I have to use it everyday and my hair is lighter and bouncier! If I pair it with some fortifying conditioner, my hair is super soft and shiny too!! Love this!

Danielle W.

I love using this from once a week to every two weeks as a clarifying shampoo. Smells absolutely wonderful and lathers so nicely! I love to follow this with a hair mask or a deep conditioner.

Arettlsar T.
I use to own this.

I use to own this and it was very good for the hair and its very lovely and make my hair feel divien with pure holyness from the Goddess.Mother earth at its puret and Ego freindly at best.

Louise C.
Love it!

If it is good for the earth, it's good for my hair. I don't know about you, but this shampoo does not leave my hair greasy, and I use it daily. My hair became more healthy, shiny (not greasy), and I love the smell. I also use the conditioner and the leave-in conditioner.

Brittany M.

I always have this in y shower because not only is it CHEAP but it works amazing for oily hair! I have very oily roots and dry ends so I use it only on my roots and condition my ends on a regular basis.

Adelyn S.

I love this shampoo! After I rinsed it out and dried my hair, my hair felt so light. Now, I don't know if the "normal hair" on the label is for straight hair or for dry hair, but if it's for straight hair, I hope to see if they'll make it for curly hair (my hair is naturally curly but has straightened out over the years). :)

Elisha R.
I Like It.

I actually really love this shampoo. I love the smell, it gave my hair a green apple smell and it stays on my hair all day. I use it everytime I wash my hair and I can see a difference in my hair. I have curly hair and when I use heat against my hair, it can sometimes make my curls loose definition when I want to curl it. After I use this shampoo the minute I start to curl my hair, my curls are back. I really don't care that much for the conditioner. But I like the shampoo. It didn't leave my hair oily or damaged looking. I guess its because my hair is so coarse. Other than that I don't like the conditioner but I love the shampoo very much!

Xuan N.
great as a clarifying shampoo- not daily shampoo

i notice i'm the only one leaving a positive review here lol. i actually really like this shampoo. i DO NOT use it daily. it really does CLEAN your hair. if you do use it daily, your hair will be so stripped. i only use it AT MOST once a week after my hair has accumulated some buildup from other hair products. but i mean...isn't that why people buy clarifying shampoos? it does a really good job at removing that buildup. my hair is super clean and more bouncy afterwards. just be sure to use a conditioner afterwards. no biggie. i always use conditioner when i wash anyways. the fact that it's environmentally friendly is great (one of the main reasons i keep repurchasing) it smells like green apples :) but the smell doesn't really stay after you wash and dry if you're worried about that. it's cheap too!

Katrina K.

Overall a really good shampoo, and smells amazing :) But if you have curly hair or frizz, it will not help as it is more of a general shampoo for normal hair. But if you have normal hair, I would really reccomend it!

Dani M.

I got a sample of this product and it was a miss for me. The smell reminded me of hair dye and I really didn't feel like I got a good wash out of it. It did not take long for my hair to get oily. It did not live up to it's claims.