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May 12, 2014

Kelly V.

OK, so color wise, I would leave it alone as much as possible. just touch up your roots if need be. your hair is most likely breaking off due to over processing. anymore bleach on your hair would not be good. give it a good rest untill your brothers wedding. and its totally OK to have grown out hilites for now. Use some good products too. I love pureologys hydrating shampoo/conditioner. They also just released a new line...I think its called strength something or other. in a blue bottle. that's a good one too. deep condition your hair as well. leave in conditioners are a good idea also. its a 10 is awesome. stay away from drug store brand stuff. its terrible for your hair. also becareful with heat. use a heat protector. and don't sleep wwith your hair in a pony...that can contribute to breakage. so basically handle your hair with care untill august so it will be in better condition for hilites. regular trims too!

May 10, 2014

Kelly V.

Sorry I just saw your comment! I didn't are the thread you posted about your hair, what was the title of it?

Apr 07, 2014

Tamara W.

loveur profile pic

Mar 09, 2014

Alissa N.

Thanks so much for the follow.

Jan 27, 2014

Sara S.

hiii beautiful!

Jan 29, 2014

Danny C.

Hello back gorgeous!

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Danny C.

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