Extreme Anti-Snap

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Alexandra A.
Quit letting your ends snap off!

This is a great product for all the blond-o-rexics out there! You NEEd this it will save your little dead ends from breaking off! and lovely part is you can use it on wet or dry hair and its awesome..not greasy soaks right in!

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Xiomara T.

The name says it all. Anti snap! If you're a blonde,this is a must try. Having blonde sections in my hair,I use it as often as possible.

It makes combing the hair out easier. You will see less breakage if you use it properly.

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Amanda M.
Really makes a difference.

I love the light consistency of this product and how it doesn't weigh my long hair down. The smell is slight and not noticeable which is desirable. I've noticed brittle hair replaced by strong, moisturized, shiny, luscious locks.

Jen H.
My HG, literally-saved-my-hair product!

My hair is deep brown, nearly black, with bleached ombre. I've been using this product for my damaged ends for years. It makes my hair silky soft, shiny, and strong. I use it on my damp hair after washing, before I comb. My hair has absolutely NO elasticity when wet. None. It literally just snaps. And, as its name implies, this product prevents that. It doesn't leave any kind of residue on my hair, no weighed-down feeling. My hair feels light as air and like silk after it dries (I also like to use it before heat styling).

My hair is very thin and very fine, with slightly oily roots and I wash my hair about 2 to 3 times a week.

Jessica L.

I love this stuff! I have noticed that my hair is not breaking off as bad, as it was prior to using this. My hair looks healthy. I use it every time after I wash my hair. I was lucky enough to get it at Ross for 7 bucks. It came in a kit with other Redkin items. I would repurchase this product.