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absolutely in love, will never be out of it

I got this in my lucky bag, at first in the sticker the color didnt seem appealing but once i put it on i fell in love the color is gorgeous, very pigmented silky milky type, very easy to use, portable convenient, im in love with it i will definitely be repurchasing and want the nude shade im so happy i got this in my bag if not i would have never know about it

great palettr

I love thid palrtte but it can get expensive i build it with nothing but transition colors so i made this my exclusive transition color palette i really recomend this palette if ur trying to build omething ur self

i love it

The readon why i got this palette is cuz i love butterflies and it just had to be part of my collection i got it and loved the volors i was using it alot but stopped cuz i didnt want to hit pan lol

good palettes

I have the feminine palette and the dangerous palette and they are great the dangerous palette is more for a smokey eye and the feminine palette is more of a sexy light colored look

too cute

The palette is just too cute i love it the littel animals are just to die for lol the colors are great and love that it comes with a liner and primer

great palette

This is a really good palette the only thibg i didnt like is that the card with the looks it came with dont work for me any more but yhe colors are great and it comes with a bunch of stuff

love it

I love this palette but hate it at the time because ever since i got it iv been ignoring my other palettes lol its an amazing product and the brudh is a plus

Hate the look on the palette

This palette has gorgeous colors theres no doubt about that but the thing i didnt like was the cover on the outside cuz the girls is there posing in her undi and well im a sucker for cute packaging and this was no where near cute, the thought of seeing someone in there undis before doing my makeup doesn't appeal to me lol i have it but really dont use it lol

Crazy love

If you are the type of girl that loves to play with color u will love this palette, it has different crazy shades none of them are anything alike but they are all so beautiful

Great great great

This palette is great there is so many looks u can do with all of them being so different i highly recommend it cuz its so versatile its great to travel with cuz it has so many looks u can do

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