Urban Decay

Mariposa Palette


CPT- Lili R.
i love it

The readon why i got this palette is cuz i love butterflies and it just had to be part of my collection i got it and loved the volors i was using it alot but stopped cuz i didnt want to hit pan lol

Kendra C.
One of my favorites!

This palette is one I always find myself reaching for. It's just as good as any Naked palette (1, 2, and 3) and I'm obsessed with all three of those. I bought this when it was on sale on the Urban Decay website for, I think it was, $20 and I would not regret the purchase. The colors are so gorgeous and I find myself constantly using the colors Money, Mushroom, Spotlight, and Wreckage. I also love that these colors are mainly shimmers and not the chunky glitter eyeshadows. I would definitely repurchase this palette again when I'm finished with it.

Nichole H.
Awesome Palette

I love this palette but I hate the brush. It should have had a looser wider brush. This is more of a concealer type flat brush.

That said. the colors are great! They shimmer, but there is no glitter except in 2 shadows. The magenta like color & the blue are my fave, but the light lavender is a little chalky. The palette is great for those that mainly like neutrals but also like occasional pops of color to add to their collection. I like both ways so I really wanted it & I have used it several times.

Geneva V.

I received this as a gift for Christmas. I love the colors, but I do love shimmer. The colors are highly pigmented and compliment each other well. A little goes a long way and I always use primer so it lasts all day. I used the brush that came with it once and wasn't impressed. its too small and the bristles are too compact. The overall palate was great!

Shannon R.
GREAT colors, great quality

I love all Urban Decay eyeshadows, but I especially love this pallete because the colors don't contain glitter - they are all shimmery, which I prefer over glitter. I love that there is a great variety of hues, with the natural tones, blues, AND purples. I do a lot of blending with my eyeshadow and almost every single one of these colors blends beautifully with the rest.

Kaylah G.

these colors are amazing and go so well together. they are incredibly pigmented and highly blendable. i have no idea why this useless little brush is in there though. i actually took it out to use as a lip brush! but, everything else about this palette is fantastic, as with most urban decay products, i highly recommend it. a lot of eyeshadow palettes have a few sucky colors that they just throw in there but not with this mariposa palette, EVERY single color is usable and beautiful! totally worth it.

Lorena C.
Every time I use these shadows I get compliments

The only bad things about these is the fallout, because UD tends to have that issue in general, but I still love my Mariposa palette. My sister is constantly asking to borrow it too because she loves the shades. I love the packaging but the brush isn't so great. I have no clue where it is actually and I don't think I ever used it. Overall I'd give this an 8 out of 10, because I do like it, but it's not amazing or anything. It'd be a nice intro for someone new to the brand.