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Jan 06, 2017

Kristina N.

Hi Lili, I thought I'd visit your page and say Hello. I see you're a Minnie fan. Did you get any of the Minnie products from Sephora?

Jan 06, 2017

CPT- Lili R.

Gurl you best belive I did lol I got mostly the whole collectio with the exception of the lip gloss cuz I found nothing minnie mouse about it and the brushes cuz there was nothing special about the I tried to get the vib rouge mirror but by the time I saw it was sold out you have no idea how mad I was at that point my loyalty to sephora went down the trash lol.

Jan 06, 2017

Kristina N.

Were you able to get the tote bag, too? :)

Jan 06, 2017

CPT- Lili R.

You know I do lol I had to I kinda regret not getting 2 lol.

Jan 09, 2017

Kristina N.

Hey, I saw on one girl's YouTube video that a Beautylish employee confirmed that the Powder brush is a Chikuhodo 18-1 Powder Brush that was made specifically for the Lucky Bags.

Jan 10, 2017

CPT- Lili R.

I heard that too I would have never guessed they look very different, there not at the same quality as the ones I have gotten.

Mar 04, 2016

Roz X.

A brief explanation on why I yanked you off your current skincare products.

They have quite a bit of irritants. When skin is irritated, it is prone to free radical damage. You are actually aging your skin with some "anti-aging" products. Crazy, but true. I'm also aware that 1% Retinol and a Triple Acid Peel (such as the Olay) also cause dryness, which can sometimes lead to redness. Your skin is increasing in sensitivity so fragrant oils can add redness on top of skin that is already going to need adjusting.

The Kate Summerville is a huge disappointment, which is a bummer, but she can't make good on her promises with that product with regard to anti-aging. Glow, yes..but there's a cost to that glow. (I also discussed the product with my derm and she laughed. Ahhh...I always want to believe, right?!)

The h20 is an ineffective formulation with blue dye in it and drying alcohol at a percentage that is not helping your skin. I love the line, but not that product.

The CeraVe, which I often recommend but people choose something else, is chosen because it isn't just some sunscreen or night lotion. They are anti-aging sunscreens. Yes, some offer broad spectrum sun protection, but they often add irritants (which is counter productive to anti-aging), they aren't moisturizing, and they do nothing to actively calm skin and help it repair itself. So think of your AM and PM as anti-aging. The Hyaluronic Eye Cream and Patches..these will help to plump up your skin around the eye. This minimizes fine lines, makes for better cosmetic application, and pairs with your Retinol, C and AHA. Any time someone offers a single stand alone, do it all product, I'm leery. Skincare is just not that simple.

If we count you'd be trying:

1. A gentle wash.
2. Hydrating, anti-aging toner
3. Sunscreen with anti-aging ingredients.
4. The C/Paula Retinol Combo (Bonus, C can be used one hydration days)
5. Olay Pro X Nightly Micropeel
6. CeraVe PM (anti-aging)
6. The Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream
7. (Optional) The Patchology Flash Patches
8. A Silk Pillowcase.

That has every single skin concern covered. It will actively reduce fine lines, inhibit the formation of new wrinkles, stimulate collagen and hydrate for plumper, softer skin while protecting your skin from sun and free radical damage.
It is a well-rounded skin care routine that I thin you will enjoy and see results with.
If not, again, please, come to me..but give it a little time to see how your skin responds.

I also recommend getting a facial before embarking on any new routine, but if you have a clairsonic, that's gong to help. I forgot to mention that since skin sensitivity is increased in many people, if you are using a clairsonic...I'd bump usage down. I use mine every 3rd day because I have insanely sensitive skin and my chemical exfoliation with the AHA and Retinoid is already working for me. Some people can use Clairsonic daily...some twice a day. I cannot, as my skin, medically, just cannot handle it. If your face hurts...if you see a lot of redness...if you break out badly...if something is painful, LISTEN to your skin. I hope you like the products. Keep me updated!
(I won't be offended if you decide not to try them or only a few of them, but I wanted to put together an entire regimen since I always see skin care as a whole routine.)

Sorry for being so wordy. Have a great week!
(You can and should read online reviews for ALL these products I recommended) Ulta carries a few, Target and Paula's Choice site itself. I like to read reviews before I buy. :) 

Dec 06, 2015

Lhexia P.

TOATS cute

Dec 11, 2015

CPT- Lili R.

Thanks 😊

Nov 09, 2015

Bre H.

Aww never that I gave my smerk tho.

Dec 04, 2015

CPT- Lili R.

Smile ☺ lol

Sep 13, 2015

Bre H.

They thinking its just behavioral yah know I really don't know but gurla sometimes I question my sanity

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Hello, my name is Lili im from COMPTON, CA and i love it here, i love makeup, leopard, butterflies, mickey and minnie mouse, my house represents me its full of butterflies, leopard, and mickey and minnie it sounds tacky but its not that bad lol, i have 2 baby boys my little angel's 😇 well at least most of the time they are lol but i love them to death there the world to me and would do anything for them, i like to enjoy life by spoiling my self a little now and then lol, im old school in music i dont listen to anything that plays right now, i love high heels there so classy, im mixed with mexican, guatemalen, and chinese thats why my eyes are the way they are lol im loud, and sometimes have no shame cuz i say the most random things at times lol, i am who i am and love to laugh and have a good time with friends and family but in order to see this side of me u really got to get to know me lol if u have any question just post on my page and i will be more then happy to answer so gracias (thanks) and have a good one much love 😘😘😊😊💕💕

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Are u asian?

No im hispanic and dam proud to 😉

How tall are u?

Im 5 feet even but dont let size foul u lol

Do you go to school?

Not at the moment, but i did go to east los angeles college and compton college and went to a counseling program but then i had my son and then i had my other son lol

What do u want to study?

Thats a hard question, i want to find a way to incorporate 2 to 3 of my passions together i dont only want to focus on one

Whats ur favorite color?

Royal blue

Do u speak something other then English?

Yes i speak spanish and spanglish and baby talk my sons have teached me well lol

I have no idea on how to fix the link that sends u to my youtubeand how to customize it ,iv been working on it but i just cant find how lol if u can help me with that, that would be awesome, and if u want to check my chanel out heres a link that will send u to one of my videos and u can go from there thanks 😊