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Where has this been in all of my makeup life?

I bought this at the beginning of the year and never opened the box. It got lost in a pile of clutter. Finally I decided to test this out when I found it during seasonal tidying up. This tree takes up a surprisingly small amount of space for what it actually does. It's much easier than my old method: I would prop wet brushes against a towel wrapped clipboard with a rubber band. The entire surface of the brush gets dried evenly, something my clipboard couldn't do. When the tree is left there without brushes, I'd like to think it's a small, functioning modern sculpture. This is a great item to have, but I knocked a star for two things: 1. My super skinny brushes (looking at you, Real Techniques liner and highlighter brushes) decide to point at random directions rather than stay vertical. 2. The larger openings cannot hold my heavy/oversized brushes (hi there Hourglass powder brush).


I'm pretty sure the softness of the Wayne Goss The Holiday (2014) brush is how cartoon clouds are supposed to feel. Oddly cool but delicate enough to go around the eye area or wherever you experience sensitivity to firm bristles. I can't believe I want to call the brush soothing but it is. It's not weird that I pet this brush, right?

The Holiday brush will apply powder formula all over if that's your goal. The real strength of this brush is applying smaller, more precise lines. Think of blush, contour, bronzer, and other face makeup techniques where you need more control. The hairs pick up the right amount of product, so you're not dusting yourself/your makeup work space or having to swirl the brush in your powder container multiple times to get more color.

Don't mash this brush on your face like I did when I gave this brush a test. I got into this habit with (now) inferior powder brushes. I had a distinct spot on my face where I first applied blush. I was able to buff out the error by using sweeping motions.

Overall, this is a great purchase. The brush practically pays for itself when you realize how much less powder you use for your desired finish.

Lots of stretch

I decided to test the powder/kabuki guard pack to the limit by attempting to stuff my Sephora Pro Allover Powder 61 brush in the tube. It's the largest (and heaviest) brush in my collection with a little over 2 inches of hair in diameter. Good golly the Brush Guard fit this massive brush. It returned most of the bristles back to its original shape and alignment. I'm surprised the powder/kabuki Brush Guard is so expansive but I don't plan on torturing them too often with my hefty Sephora 61 brush. It fits the brushes with the intended diameter (1 inch) just fine.

Backs up the Hype

The formula is everything you've read or seen. It's so pigmented you literally put them on in the smallest dots and paint it on your lips. You may need two passes/swipes to get the intensity to match your tube. Considering how smooth it goes on your lips this won't take long at all. There is a slight minty smell and sensation that goes away quickly. Lip Tars mix easily with other Lip Tars and even your normal lipsticks if you want to create your own signature shade.

Technopagan's color is a metallic dark blue blue/purple. Maybe a deep indigo is a better description. For such a vampy shade in the tube the highlights and color shifts on your lips is amazing. Highlights can appear blue to purple, while the shadows can appear almost black. Eventually it will dry down to a muted shimmer but not a pure matte. Dark lip colors never made me gush like this but Technopagan did!

Blinding With the Right Primer

If you're looking to complete your cyber goth/punk or Seahawks game day makeup look with a searing neon green, you should pick this up. On my lids, with no primer, the color didn't show up without a lot of layering. Thankfully it didn't budge or crease. I recommend using this with an eye shadow primer or a white base (e.g. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk). This should help with the brightness and the lasting power. I give Sugarpill credit for being one of the first makeup brands to have out there colors and make them available for everyone.

More like burning

I got a full set and gave this a shot. Some days I get more puffy eyes/bags and I need them to go away. GlamGlow BrightMud actually does reduce the puffiness. However, the peppermint is strong for the eye area. It felt like my skin was burning rather than tingling while it did its job. I'm going back to my old method, which is two slices of cucumber and coconut oil after that. It takes longer but my the skin around my eyes won't scream for furious vengeance during the process.

Tiny Line

The PS-6 is adorable for its size and the itty-bitty line it puts down. The length is small enough to fit into your makeup bag or clutch no problem. The brush can handle both powder and gel products just fine. Keep in mind the line you draw is thin. You'll need a few strokes if you want to build it to a big, bold line. This brush is perfect for push lining and when you want your liner to play a smaller role in your makeup look.

Personally I liked the small size. For all of my makeup life I've had issues filling my eye liner into my epicanthal fold. This means my eyelid covers my tear ducts. You can imagine the makeup disasters I've had trying to line my eyes with "normal" liner brushes. The PS-6 got past my epicanthal fold and I was able to complete my liner with no tears and mess. Praise unto Chikuhodo for blessing to us with weird eyelid shapes by giving PS-6.

I know for the size and function this could be pricey. If you're on the fence I would recommend this brush if nothing else has worked for you so far. I found it to be a miracle worker for my Asian eye shape. Having it already be travel sized is an added bonus.

One Stroke Pai-er, Makeup

Look at the reference pictures, look at the reference pictures' hand model, now look at your thumb. Notice that the brush in the picture is about the width of the model's thumb? Yes, this brush is HUGE for an eye shadow brush. As in it dwarfs my concealer brushes and some of my highlighter brushes. I really should have paid attention to the pictures.

I was this close to returning it before I had one of those days when I just wanted one color.* I loaded up the GSN-7 and found the smoothest, most even stroke of color on my lid. For such a big brush it's incredibly gentle and cool to the touch. It cut down my "one color" eye makeup looks in half. Instead of fussing to get my desired color intensity with my other brushes ( 4+ strokes) this finished everything in about 2.

I would use this if you have a lot of product to lay down. Examples could be your eye shadow primer, a sheer color to finish a look, or your work day taupe.

*Yes, if it were possible I would put every eye shadow color in my collection on my lids. Then all of the eyeliner.

Great all-around liner

I tried the GSN-11 liner on a variety of applications, including:

1. Pan eye shadow for eyeliner 2. Loose eye shadow for eyeliner 3. Gel eyeliner 4. Push method eyeliner

This liner can do a little bit of everything. Thanks to the shape of the bristles you can actually get to those weird areas your detail eyeliner makes impossible to do. (For me that's the eyelid area before my tear duct. Too many instances of nearly poking myself in the eye with a pointy detail brush.) The bristles themselves are incredibly soft. My blinking didn't go off like they normally would when I have a loaded liner brush approaching. The bristles were firm when I pushed my liner around my eyelashes.

The lines I made were crisp. The makeup went down with no patches. You'll need to tap away excess makeup from your brush if you want a clean line. This brush wants to literally pick everything up. I couldn't just 'flick' my winged liner like I do with a pointy detail brush. This may be my lack of experiences with tapered flat brushes. On the other hand this does allow for better control of your desired line length.

The caveat to animal hair brushes is you may develop an allergic reaction to them. My skin is normally sensitive to animal dander and I did not have this problem. Play it safe, folks.

Overall I'm glad I made this purchase. It may not do everything perfectly but if you can only bring a few brushes in your bag/kit the GSN 11 can multitask. I could easily see myself converting this brush for pinpoint highlighting or concealing.

Back in shape

So far I put these guards through their paces: 1. Daily use on high end and drugstore brushes. 2. Different cleansers (bar soap, baby shower gel, vinegar, Parian Spirit). 3. Twisting or sliding the sleeves down to see if the bristles changed shape.

Sure enough these little tubes passed with flying colors. Some of my frayed brushes were back in line. I stick out a bit of the excess sleeve so I could stand my brushes upside down while they dried. Twisting didn't change the direction of the bristles.

If you plan on traveling with brushes, stick these on the ones that are hard to find in your kit. They're stick out simply because they have an exaggerated shape.

The guards do get dirty after a while. Wash and rinse with gentle cleanser makes them all new. The ends stretch out and fray a bit after being used on wider brushes. The damaged guards still work as well as when I bought them. Just a bit worn in now. ;)

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