BrightMud Eye Treatment


Morgan B.
Avoid at all costs!

I tried this after I received a sample. It says to leave on for three minutes and wipe off, no rinsing. I managed to keep it on for the whole three minutes, which was a trial because it BURNED badly! I checked the ingredients list after, and as it turns out this product contains mint, which can be cooling but on sensitive delicate areas like under the eyes can burn and leave the area raw and inflamed. Use with caution, because the mint makes this product burn and it did nothing for my puffiness and dark circles, anyway. Lot of hassle, no results!

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Jo M.
Feels Good

I just finished my package. Not sure I believe in the instant results claim but I definitely like the feeling it gives my tired eyes. A nice tingling feel. It's easy to apply and remove. Doesn't stink. I just feel it's more a luxury than necessity.

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Maddie F.
Not worth it

I got a free sample of this because there was no way I was dishing out the money without trying it. It felt nice and you only have to leave it on for a few minutes. I liked the cooling sensation. I saw immediate results, but they only lasted for twelve hours, max. I don't think it's worth the insane price.

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Kelley Diona M.

These little buds are amazing for perking up your eyes. I use at least once a week. They help for tired eyes. Its like giving your eyes a cup of coffee. They are bit pricey.

Tone S.
Looks strange

I noticed a little difference but this product is a bit expensive. But the tingling sensation was nice didn't irritate my eye. It does lighten dark circles a bit also I felt that there was a little more brightness . My tired looking eyes didn't look as tired . I would recommend this product to anyone. Ok

Melissa V.
Not worth it.

It burns & did nothing for dark circles & I feel like it made my eyes more puffy due to the burning irritating sensation 😕 at $69 & rave reviews in magazines I was really disappointed.

Christine L.
More like burning

I got a full set and gave this a shot. Some days I get more puffy eyes/bags and I need them to go away. GlamGlow BrightMud actually does reduce the puffiness. However, the peppermint is strong for the eye area. It felt like my skin was burning rather than tingling while it did its job. I'm going back to my old method, which is two slices of cucumber and coconut oil after that. It takes longer but my the skin around my eyes won't scream for furious vengeance during the process.