Fu-Pa Series FU-PA02 Liquid Foundation Brush


Genevieve P.
Same brush, different handle
Photo of product included with review by Genevieve P.

I got the FuPa 01 first, and I loved it so much, I decided to get the 02. They're both amazing foundation brushes. Very dense and soft on the skin, and they give a really nice foundation finish. They work for both liquid and powder foundations. They're both so beautifully dense that they would probably also do great with stick and cream foundations. As you see I have these in their pink handled varieties. I had to get those sent from Japan. In my opinion Beautylish would be much better off selling the entirety of Koyudo's BP, Fu-Pa and Gray Squirrel lines than their novelty brushes.

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jenn K.
I like it

This is my first purchase from this brand. I'm normally accustomed to Sonia G Wayne Goss brushes and I agonized over picking this one or the larger BP brush (which I will get as I heard it's a Tom Ford bronzer Dupe)

I was looking for a brush that is really dense that I could just lay down foundation on my face..... kinda like a paint brush and then be able to buff it in...as I havent had the greatest luck with other foundation brush styles.

This cute little guy is extremely firm and dense but it doesnt soak up all of the product either.

Somehow it manages to fluff up even bigger after you wash it too. You could definitely use it as a travel sized large bronzing brush all over powder application etc etc

Little bit of shedding like a hair or two but that's because I was eager to use it and didnt feel like washing it to get rid of floating hairs. Used this with the new Charlotte Tilbury foundation and the look was flawless. ZERO STREAKS

Sensitive skin use with a lighter hand. The hairs aren't the softest in the world, but they're not supposed to be for this particular kind of brush. Overall, I'm so so stoked that I gambled on this little cutie since I couldn't find any review videos online. Its hands down the most dense brush that I own now, and since it's so small it's the perfect utilitarian brush that you can pop in your bag while traveling or on vacation and you can use it for quite a few different types of product applications.

The cherry on top is that it comes with a little stand to place the brush in, so I can place it right next to my mirror on my vanity.

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Honeyleen K.
Game Changer....

This is my first brush from Koyudo and I'm so glad I discovered this brand. The bristles are dense and incredibly soft, yet doesn't soak up too much product. It applies foundation effortlessly on the skin. It left my skin with a beautiful airbrush finish and minimized the appearance of my pores. I've never experienced this with any foundation brushes before and its a true game changer. The size was initially what attracted me to the brush, it's so compact and easy to keep in your makeup bag for quick touch ups. A small tip if you decide to get this... keep the cardboard box it came in. The design is clever. The base has a hole where the brush is pegged and comes with a cylinder cover. I've been using this to protect the brush as it dries, turning the cylinder upside down (or bristles down).

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Jacqueline A.
Photo of product included with review by Jacqueline A.
Photo of product included with review by Jacqueline A.
Photo of product included with review by Jacqueline A.

I absolutely love this brush!!! I have never had a foundation brush like this before. It’s is streak free and as far as the shedding it shed once and after I washed it it hasn’t shed.

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The only foundation brush I’ll ever need!
Photo of product included with review by AZ L.
Photo of product included with review by AZ L.
Photo of product included with review by AZ L.

I have a love/hate relationship with foundation brushes. I live buying them but each one continues to disappoint. I use Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer as a foundation, and I just could not find a brush that did it justice. I purchased the KA foundation brush that was designed specifically to use with the sensual skin enhancer and was almost 3x the price of this, but I found that it not only ate a ton of product up, but that it left my skin patchy and weird looking. I then tried all my other foundation brushes with it and did not like the way any of them performed. I finally went back to using a beautyblender, but really didn’t like the way that looked much either. I stumbled across this brush, and given the relatively cheap price, figured it was worth a shot but didn’t have high expectations. I used the same tiny amount of product to start with and began blending with this brush. It immediately left a perfect air brushed type quality finish, and left me with a significant amount of product left, so not only does this perform amazingly well, but I also save money from needing an even smaller amount of product to get the job done now. I haven’t used it with any other foundation yet, but I don’t see myself changing my foundation choice anytime soon, so this guy is a winner. Since beautylish doesn’t offer the pink version, which I wanted because the base is flat so it stands on my counter, I ordered through cdjapan but if you’re a frustrated foundation brush user, try this and I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed. I am shocked at how fairly priced this gem is, and will likely now order its black counterpart through beautylish just because I love getting packages from them.

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Christine L.
Works Even With Ham Hands

I've had success with using Japanese brushes for powder makeup, but this is my first Japanese brush for the explicit use of cream and liquid makeup. I love that this brush is dense so it *feels* like it's applying makeup but soft enough that it doesn't hurt.

I found the brush did absorb my makeup, but it didn't stay when I cleaned my brush after I applied my makeup. My other natural hair brushes aren't as dense as this one, so I'm not sure if the amount of hair on this particular brush or the type of hair is to blame.

There is some shedding upon initial wash. I admit i have ham hands and apply everything with too much pressure. Initially I had streaks before I realized I shouldn't cram this brush into my face like a sponge. Now I have no problems. The brush does lose its shape (the price of the bristle softness) over time. I would advise reshaping the brush after cleaning.

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Jessica H.
My go to foundation brush!

I have purchased numerous brushes and have not absolutely love any as my go to foundation brush until I bought this brush...love it. The perfect size...not too big and Not too small..the only thing that bothers me is the shedding. It is very minimal compared to the larger foundation brush I brought from this brand that furiated me with so much shedding...i wind up having to throw it away! I definitely recommend this brush!

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Dawn G.
Love It!!

My former favorite foundation brush was the Marc Jacobs Face 3. I love it but felt it was too big. I tried many other rounded kabuki style brushes. Tom Fords absorbs so much product. Ugh. I prefer rounded top to flat top ones. This Koyudo brush is PERFECT! The bristles are soft yet very full. Size is great because I can use around eyes and nose. Doesn't absorb too much product. Cleans easily. Buff's in liquid and creme foundation flawlessly. I am so happy I tried this brush.

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jenn K.
Added picture
Photo of product included with review by jenn K.

Added a picture to compare density with my next largest brush, the Sculpt one from Sonia G

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Pebbles P.
Good little foundation brush

Good little foundation brush, blends my streaky Bobbi Brown BB cream the most easily out of my collection. It sheds a little bit, but not too bad. I just washed it though and when wet it smells very strongly of goat!

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