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not a miracle worker but works good

I got my BBRQO a long time ago. I never needed to use it until I went to an outdoor concert a few years ago and hurt my ankle in the crowd. I rubbed it all over my scraps, bruises an everywhere that burned. It soothed it for the most part and did not irritate me at all.

I don't know why I didn't feel like I had to buy this before.. I needed a red-orange or orange lip color for my Halloween costume. I wanted something that would last a long time and this does - only wish it would all day. It's creamy but not sticky or gooey. I've had no trouble with it wearing off when I also use chapstick. It's definitely not as drying as I thought it would be and the color is noticeable with a couple swipes. This is a repurchase.


I recently bought my first Orly product, Buried Alive and I love it! The color is very unique! At first glance it's a medium to darker brown with a gold and green glow/shimmer. When applied lightly it looks very warm and more golden than green. When applied with more than one coat it becomes very rich and looks as edible as a Root Beer Barrel candy. It also pairs nicely with a gold glitter on top to enhance the golden shimmer. It doesn't take long to dry either... I am excited to try out other colors!


These eye shadow duos are affordable and easy to store. They have great color payoff and are easy to blend. They are great alone or with a primer or base worn under them. I have Flamboyant (mid-tone bright purple and darker gold) and Platinum (silver and black). The gold is my favorite gold shadow ever. The black color isn't the darkest black so it should be used with a base. It would also look nice blended by itself or with other darker colors. I would repurchase!


This is by far the best concealer i've ever tried. It's light, creamy and easy to apply. It doesn't have any green or yellowy undertones that stick out when you use it. I have very fair skin that barely tans in the summer and I use light, so to know there are colors all across the board for different skin shades, that's a plus. I feel better about a product that looks good on everyone. I use it for my dark circles, red areas, and to hide blemishes. My skin is oily around my eye and when I have it on it doesn't smear or comes off when I sweat. It pairs nicely with my powder foundation and comes off easily when I remove my makeup. It's pricier than drugstore products but I use mine every day and it lasts me about a year. I think if you want to really improve something (hair, skin, eye makeup, lipstick, etc.) it's worth paying more for higher quality products. Definitely a repurchase, i'm on my second tube.

Great shadow, nice and vibrant! May stain a little, but I use their Primer Potion so it's all good. Bought is on a whim, glad i did. Woodstock is the perfect choice for a medium pink, it's a darker hot pink, still vibrant like I said. Also practical packaging, stores nicely, etc. I would buy it again though I can see it lasting a while. I would love trying new shades, my Saphora was limited.

I recently bought this and it's what i'm currently using. I LOVE the way it smells, conditioner is the same too.. I don't like it when they smell different. You only need a small amount which is nice and makes it last longer. Does it's job, doesn't leave my hair flat and it's not dry.


I have Edgy Emerald, Painted Purple and Pomegranate Pink. I would love to own every shade. The packaging is practical, easy to store, hard to break and keeps product fresh. You would not believe the color payoff for such an affordable product! You can use it by itself, paint on with finger or brush and easy to build color if needed. Or as a base for other colors. The bright colors are BRIGHT! Very Vibrant! The darker shades are not too dark, you don't look like you have a bruised eye, they are just as stunning. The texture is great, kind of velvety and creamy and dries nicely with no creasing (primer is extra insurance) or smudging. Everything comes off easy when you use your makeup remover.

Affordable, and I would definitely would buy again. Not too greasy, you can lather it on. Leaves lips feeling hydrated. No weird smells or tastes. One lasts you a great while. I use mine constantly!!!


This color pigment is insane! Some well-known high end brands don't even have pay off this good! It applies very creamy, isn't sticky, stays on very well and looks AMAZING on! As someone who has fair skin magazines and such always are recommending pinks and pinky-peaches so this works for me but I think it would look outstanding one dark skin tones. I also have this in Electra (red) which is also nice but Narcissus blew me away. Lastly it's very affordable, I bought it because I wanted Mac Viva Glam's GaGa or Pink Friday but didn't want to spend that much money.

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