High Definition Concealer


Sydney S.

I switched over to Smashbox concealer to cover the blemishes my Halo foundation didn't vanquish. It really does the trick and I don't find it too liquified or cakey when dabbed on with my ring finger. It also does not make my oily skin or minor break outs worse. A little goes long way, however, for the price I think the tube should be twice the size.

Emma I.

very liquidy, very hard to cover problematic areas and it also appears cakey. also find that it causes lots of breakouts to my skin. and it smears very easily which takes away all the coverage. it feels more like a really creamy liquid foundation

F M.
It was okay- could find better

It was really liquidy. It would take multiple layers to conceal dark circles and then it would get cakey. I also got the wrong shade :/ i wouldn't recommend it

Jackie D.
Best concealer

I used to breakout from using under-eye concealers, but this one works fantastically! It really lasts all day and so easy to use, no brushes needed. The consistency is really light and that surprised me for how well the coverage was. I suggest you go to a store and ask an associate to do a shade match. The great thing with Smashbox, the shade you use for one product is usually the same one you use for their other makeup products.

Tashina M.
I was not impressed with this

It is hard to describe the number 1 reason I didn't like this. I put this on my undereye area and it immediately looked like it had been sitting on my face all day. Like when your makeup starts to break up on my forehead and it starts to look like little dots. That is what this looked like from the moment I blended it on. The color was good but that was all I liked about it. It was kind of slick feeling. I like concealer that is creamy liquid. This had a slight foamness but was too thin at the same time. I know I'm probably not making a lot of sense but this concealer was a complete contradiction. The second deal breaker for me was that the first time I opened it, it had separated really bad in the tube. I had tk squeeze out a lot of liquidy watery stuff before I got to the actual product. I won't be trying this again.

Amy H.
Best concealer I've tried!

I have the hardest time hiding my under-eye circles and this product does a GREAT job! It doesn't cake up, I don't have to use very much to get the coverage I want and it lasts all day long.

Meaghan S.

this is an amazing HD concealer, works well with a high end foundation and you dont need much of it, doesnt cake under the eyes, lasts all day, and gives a full coverage!

Madison D.

This is by far the best concealer i've ever tried. It's light, creamy and easy to apply. It doesn't have any green or yellowy undertones that stick out when you use it. I have very fair skin that barely tans in the summer and I use light, so to know there are colors all across the board for different skin shades, that's a plus. I feel better about a product that looks good on everyone. I use it for my dark circles, red areas, and to hide blemishes. My skin is oily around my eye and when I have it on it doesn't smear or comes off when I sweat. It pairs nicely with my powder foundation and comes off easily when I remove my makeup. It's pricier than drugstore products but I use mine every day and it lasts me about a year. I think if you want to really improve something (hair, skin, eye makeup, lipstick, etc.) it's worth paying more for higher quality products. Definitely a repurchase, i'm on my second tube.

Marie E.

This is a very good concealer. It match perfectly with my skin tone. I don't have a lot of imperfections on my face so I don't wear foundation. I'm only using this concealer under my eyes and to cover some redness !

Sofia B.

It kind of hidess blemishes but you would still see the bump and thats NOT good. But its really blendable and great for under eye darkness. It feels like you are wearing nothing on your eyes. sometimes i even use it as an eyeshadow base.... shhh(;

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