Beauty Product Reviews

To the point... good brush!

What can I say? Great for inner corner highlight and outer corner. Still working on using for my lower lash line. Overall it is soft enough where it does not hurt my eyes or pokes me.


Gorgeously soft. Although I have small eyes I found that this brush allowed me to blend and blow out my shadows beautifully... especially when I am a tad bit heavy handed in my application. I am new to Wayne Goss brushes but so far I am very, very pleased with this brush!

Smoky Mastery

Again... the softness of the bristles is just amazingly pleasure on my eyeballs. This brush helped me create easy and quick smoky eyes for work. I had to get used to the pointed tip, but honey... this blends color with preciseness, even when I am way too heavy handed with my Pat McGrath shadow the Crease One allowed me the ease of creating a nice, detailed daytime smoky eye look.


I was so excited to receive this... then... Opened my box and was incredibly underwhelmed. I did not care for the color as its paler than the pic, just not attractive to me. It was so light that it compared to a Wet and Wild brush (sorry... that's just what I thought). Absolutely nothing about the appearance of this brush excited me. I was wondering what in the world was all the rave about except the softness and actually got angry at myself for purchasing. I am a fan of Wayne Goss and really wanted something LE from his collection, but this just didn't do it for me. I am seriously contemplating returning so I can get a Sonia G brush instead.

Gorgeous brush but...

Love the softness and I really like the concept of this brush but I have a really difficult time using. Especially when I am attempting to use it as a liner which makes me a little frustrated. Used it to place inner corner highlight this morning after several attempts to apply shadow to my lower liner area. Will need to practice some more and perhaps more videos on how to properly use this brush.

Packs on with a punch!

Allows me to pack on metallic and glitter shadows with ease in that I don't need more than one swipe. I do wish that the Builder Two was a little bit smaller in size because I have small mobile lid space and its very easy to over apply. Probably user error; but I found it difficult to place center color with the preciseness I needed and my shadow ended up extended too far and on my bottom lash line. I am still practicing but that's my only complaint... the size. Love the denseness, softness, blending capabilities and of course the gorgeousness of this brush.


Although I have to get used to the size and shape of the Worker Two, I really love this brush. It's beautiful, the craftsmanship is superb and the performance is just as superb. The Worker Two picks up and applies my base shadows beautifully. No skipping across the lid, no over application. Blends like a dream on my incredibly sensitive lids. I compared the Worker Two against my MAC 217 this morning and it beat the MAC hands down when it came to blending out my eye look.