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Sonia G.

Crease One (2018)


Carolyn A.
Exceptional! Just get it!
Carolyn A.'s Review Image

Exceptional quality in every respect, from the perfectionistic bristle arrangement (which keeps its perfect shape after washing!), to the utterly gorgeous glimmering handle that mesmerises the artistic soul.

The squirrel hair is super super soft and doesn’t dig in to sensitive maturing eyelids when moving vigorously in the crease. It works beautifully with Viseart mattes (haven’t tried shimmers yet) and blends elegantly as it goes.

From reading reviews of other squirrel brushes, I was thinking that squirrel may only allow sheerer payoff, but Sonia has worked true magic here. The superbly tiered bristle ends allow you to pick up a ton of product if you want to, or just delicately roll/lightly tap it into product. This brush permits a level of control I have never experienced before and helped this 45 year old produce the most elegant and professional eye I have ever created in less time than usual and with little effort.


I was researching Chikuhodo brushes as my eyes can no longer handle MAC roughness and saw Sonia’s blog/passion, then her recently released first line. The price point makes it affordable for me as a long-term investment for my daily schedule. (I’m a mum and uni student.) I have hooded, crepey eyelids and this was a dream to work with.

Sonia’s connoisseur-level of attention to perfectionistic detail shows in this wonderful brush. It does what it is designed for in the best way possible. Thank you Sonia for sharing your passion.

I wanted to show a pic of the glorious glimmer... this is taken using a 10x lit magnifier.

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Sue D.
Instant Love (once again)
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Because there are already some reviews, I'll keep it short. What impressed me most is that this lovely brush blends some shadows I struggle with, only a few of my brushes can deal with. You know, the kinda shadows you will mostly reach for to use as a liner... Also, my "sensitive lower lash line" doesn't get irritated with this brush - no watering eyes!

Somebody gave it a low rating, stating that the brush is stiff. I understand what she means. However, I wouldn't use that word. The brush has a specific shape (you can trust the photos provided by Beautylish) and a certain density about it but definitely enough movement to it for me: I can blend, add color in a rather concentrated. area etc. I took photos of this brush alongside other ones. You'll find them in higher resolution on my profile. Pictured are from left to right: Crease One, Sonia G.; 04, Wayne Goss; 217 (old version, natural hair), MAC; 17, Wayne Goss; S142, Hakuhodo; Petite Artistique Smoky Eye Brush, Surratt Beauty. Hope you don't mind my uncleaned brushes. I also hope you don't mind my selection to compare the brushes. (I chose the Surratt brush because this is by far the least irritating brush for my lower lash line but be warned: It's a flimsy one, not the easiest to control. rarely any density.)

(And the comment about the quality of the bristles: I can only understand that by assuming that she must have gotten a bad one. I just went cuddling my brush – weirdo! – and the bristles remind me of the Airflush by Wayne Goss or the Z-11 by Chikuhodo [just saw that this beauty is now also available on Beautylish], the bristles of my 03 by Wayne Goss are rougher . Since this point is not about personal preference, I will have to strongly disagree with this statement about the quality and guess something was wrong with the brush she has received, unfortunately.)

My fourth Sonia G. brush and I couldn't be happier <3

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Laurissa W.
Favorite crease brush

I wasn't sure that I would like this brush, since it is small and pointed. In general, I like my fluffy crease brushes. But this is excellent. I can easily pick up, apply, blend and layer multiple shadows in my crease and outer v area to create a soft and effortless daytime smoky eye. The point keeps the shadows from being too blown out, which is why I generally don't bother with smoky eyes for work. Now I want to wear smokey eyes on the daily! I plan to purchase at least 2 back ups as soon as funds allow. Also, it is extremely soft. I have remarkably sensitive skin around my eyes and I can't feel the hairs poke at all!

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Carla D.
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This brush is wonderful, soft, perfect. They are the most beautiful brushes I have, none of the other Japanese brushes that I have have such spectacular handles. It is noted that it has been designed by a person with a lot of knowledge about Japanese brushes. They are exquisitely beautiful. Thank you Sonia for designing these beautiful brushes. And the impeccable Beautylish service.

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Wanda D.
Super soft, great precision.

Just received my new brushes today! So excited and amazed about how quick Beautylish about instant gratification. This brush is very unique to me, I really don't own anything like it. I wanted another pencil brush, but the fine point on this crease one brush drew my attention. It comes to such a precise point, like a Japanese calligraphy brush, but with a more controllable tip. This provides greater versatility to the brush. So soft that my eyes say "yes please" when I pick the brush up. Well, done Sonia. I'll probably will end up collecting the entire set when all is said and done, not that I need more brushes...just really want them now that I've experienced their beauty. Worth the splurge.

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Rozemarijn K.
Best brush ever!

This is a review by someone who is only used to somewhat cheaper brushes that decided to splurge.

I am 25 and about half a year ago i started my interest in make-up, to be precise eye shadows. I love doing my eyes just as a daily activity to forget about stress for a few minutes.

I knew from make-up artists doing my make-up i don't like brushes for Mac that a lot of people seem to use, and i've been using mostly brushes from Zoeva, quite soft compared to other brushes from the same price range, but could get scratchy if you hold them "wrong". I have hooded eyes and i seem to have a corner on my left eye that doesnt want try take eyeshadow no matter what i tried.

Unpackaging this beautyfull brush i noticed it was the softest brush i have ever felt! Trying it out, it basicly what others have said, the brush did the blending for me. I loved the expirience and it even got eyeshadow on my left eye correctly, no more annoyance!

I think this brush was worth the money, and i will be buying more from this brand.

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Marjolein M.
Absolute top brush

If I could take only 2 eye brushes with me it would be Sonia G. crease one and her worker brush. Both are not only heavenly soft but also very effective in placing, blending the eyeshadow. Ofcourse they are also very beautiful but functionality matters most and these 2 have it all. Just buy them. You won't regret it.

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Jeannie F.


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Emily H.
New Addiction

This brush was the perfect start for my transition to the world of Japanese brushes. It lays down product beautifully and the handle is easy to grip for those who do not have excellent dexterity. The one thing that I appreciated above all was the fact that Ms. Sonia thanks her customers.

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Pam J.
Smoky Mastery

Again... the softness of the bristles is just amazingly pleasure on my eyeballs. This brush helped me create easy and quick smoky eyes for work. I had to get used to the pointed tip, but honey... this blends color with preciseness, even when I am way too heavy handed with my Pat McGrath shadow the Crease One allowed me the ease of creating a nice, detailed daytime smoky eye look.

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