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Worker Two

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Krisabele B.
An all in one brush
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I really love this one. This is my first high end brush. I love its construction, very well made. I love that it can be used to both pack on and blend eyeshadows.

Surat K.

hello from thailand, and i'm waiting on Sonia G. worker two eyeshadow blending😊 when it will come in stock?

Surat K.

hello from thailand and i waiting on Sonia G. worker two, eyeshadow blending😊 when it will come in stock?

avillager i.
My favorite eye brush

This is the best eye shadow brush I have ever used. It applies product so easily and beautifully, blends perfectly - even patchy formulas look great after like 2 swipes or swirls - on crepey eyelids! Never skips and feels so soft. This and Rephr 21 are all I really NEED when it comes right down to it. If you only get one Sonia G, get this one.

avillager i.
does it all

For hooded eyes, this brush can do everything if I ask it to, without making my eyelid crepey (using light hand). Picks up product & handles like a dream.

c m.

To begin with , there is not a Sonia G brush i dont love , they all serve their purpose and this one is no exception. I got this mainly to work with creams and liquids, but it works just as will with powders. A lovely brush.


This eye brush is one of a kind, l have nothing like this one! love the handle that is thicker than others and the bristles are super soft and very thick, so it get the job done in seconds! A Must Have for me in my big collection of japaneese brushes. Of course, no shedding and always a very seamless application.

Lori  R.
Great for applying color
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I bought this brush mainly for laying down color. Because I have kinda small hooded eyes I didn't expect to be able to do much else with it. But I find myself reaching for it when I'm having trouble getting stubborn shadows to blend. The density of this brush makes it really move the shadow. I don't mind the shape of the handle and i don't find it awkward to use at all. I could live without this brush but I don't want to.

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Joanne J.
It does it all and does it well!

I've had this beauty for 2 years, and it performs and looks as great as it did the day it arrived. I love the feeling of the weighted, lacquered handle and it's also a feast for the eyes. The bristles are incredibly soft, yet they pick up the perfect amount of eyeshadow. This is a brush you could do an entire eye look with, so 'worker's is the perfect name. It is fantastic for crease work and ideal for applying colour on the lid, too. It blends like no other and the density and shape works perfectly for my small, hooded eyes. It's easy to clean, doesn't stain and retains its shape. It's PERFECT!

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Connie D.
Amazing brushes

I first heard about Sonia G brushes a year ago in a YouTube video. I bought my first brush 6 months ago, and I am still so surprised that they make such a difference in my makeup. I love her brushes. They are so incredibly soft and pick up the just the right amount of shadow..... I am slowly replacing my old brushes with Sonia G and Wayne Goss brushes buying them as money allows. But these brushes are one of the best makeup decisions I have made in years.

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