Sonia G.

Pencil One (2018)

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Carolyn A.
Awesome. Just awesome.
Carolyn A.'s Review Image

A glimmering piece of perfection from the brush connoisseur Sonia.

Super soft and very fine bristles are soooo gentle yet incredibly densely packed. They are perfectly tiered into a dense cone which allows the squirrel hair to pick up a lot of product.

So so easy to do a smoked out undereye as heavily or as subtly as you like - it blends immaculately as it goes. It is also perfect to create a defined outer V, something I have never been able to accomplish before.

Rolling just the very tip of this brush into Viseart black from the VPE01 Neutral Matte palette (my most intense black shadow) and applying from the outer under eye inwards offers daytime undereye definition that is as buildable as it is controllable. Using little, short strokes, this brush allows a perfect gradation from the outer eye towards the inner eye... blending top and bottom as it goes.

Its perfect bristle length, relatively sharp taper, and gentleness means I can even apply Viseart Matte Black smoothly through my long lashes onto the outer edge of my lower waterline - a totally unheard of adventure for my sensitive, crepey, eyes.

The conic form remains after washing - no bushing out. Really really impressed me.

I also used it to apply one of the BH Foil Eyes mauves under my eye on top of the Viseart Matte black - perfection. It offered far better application for payoff and controllability than current Hourglass eye brushes or the top edge of a MAC 239.

My unused spiky and prickly pencil brush MAC 219 can now make an undignified and permanent departure.

I’m hoping the photo retains enough resolution one uploaded here to show the bristle ends. If not, know they are immaculately arranged!

The lacquer work on this brush is exceptional. It has an unparalleled finish where the glimmering particles are deposited on a lower layer, creating a dimensional shimmering gleam through the glossy upper layer that is gorgeous to look at in sunlight. The ferrule is attached firmly to the brush - quality control is very evident resulting in an impeccable brush that has instantly made it a favourite on all levels.

Thank you Sonia for bringing an exceedingly high quality and wonderfully performing brush into my price range. I’m coming back for more of your range over the coming weeks, months, and years.

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Melinda K.
Great Pencil Brush
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This brush is almost a dupe for my Hakuhodo G5548. I reach for my Hakuhodo almost daily so I didn’t mind having a similar brush. Sonia’s Brush is possibly a bit firmer than the G5548, which for me is good. It is very soft and a high quality finish. You can’t go wrong with any of Sonia’s brushes, she is such an expert on brushes that I knew her line would be amazing! I also have the Worker One and the Crease One. I am hoping she releases more brushes as I would love to see a candle shaped face brush and possibly an eye blender brush in goat. Hint, hint...

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Carina T.
OMG Brush!!

I purchased three of the Sonia G brushes one of them being the Pencil One. I struggled with always trying to get the shadow under the bottom lashes without the scratchy little ones or the ones that fling fall out every where. This little soft pointed beauty is the Perfect design and execution of that concept! Complete control of the precise spot you want it. The beautiful....let me say Gorgeous lacquer finish on these little babies makes me feel like it should have a spot light above it!

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Carla D.
I love this brush !!!
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I use it every day, both to place shadows under the line of tabs and also to deepen the external angle. It is a super soft brush, it works excellent. All the brushes of Sonia G are wonderful, she is an expert, I am surprised by the quality, they are unique and incomparable. She is a teacher of the brush.

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Jo S.
Now this I REALLY like.

I bought three of Sonia’s eye brushes, Pencil One; Crease One; and Worker One (plus the Base One face brush) and have been super impressed with all three, I think however, of all of them, that Pencil One is my absolute favourite. Everything about it is pretty much perfect, the size, the weight, the softness and density of the bristles and of course the shape. It’s fast become my go-to pencil brush of choice since it arrived, beating out even my previous Chikuhodo and Hakuhodo favourites. In honesty I think that I could complete an everyday eye look without needing any more eye brushes than the three that I purchased, which is genius, though I will of course be purchasing more of the extended brush range because they are beautiful and I’m quite sure that I NEED them all.

Yes. Yes I do!

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Marcy  M.
Z10 little sister

Oh my this pencil brush is super soft and dense at the same time. It’s softer than my wayne goss 5 brush. Great for detail work or cut crease work. I love this brush so much. Highly recommended

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Brenda F.

I've been on the lookout for the perfect pencil brush is it. The length of the bristles is perfect. My problem with pencil brushes in general is most are too stiff and/or scratchy. The Sonia G Pencil One has the right amount of softness and give and applies shadow beautifully under the eye. I'm going to need to have a backup of this one. Besides performing perfectly, it is a beautiful brush. The handle is comfortable like all of her brushes and it is lovely to lookout. Highly recommend.

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Vivian L.
Favorite Pencil Brush
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Top to bottom: Elf contour, Suqqu M, Chanel pencil, Chikuhodo Z10, Sonia G pencil one, Elf pencil - The Pencil One has the same bristle shape as the elf pencil brush, but much softer and allows me to diffuse colors beautifully. The other pencil brushes in the picture are either not as pointed, too floppy, apply colors too heavily/lightly, or too scratchy. The Pencil One is the only pencil brush I like so far!

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Susan P.
The pencil brush of my dreams

I've been looking for a natural hair pencil brush soft enough to use under my bottom eyelashes (a surprisingly sensitive area, apparently) for a long time. I've had Wayne Goss brushes and Hakuhodo brushes, but this is the one that is truly soft enough to use on sensitive areas. No scratchiness AT ALL- plus it's the perfect petite size to fit under my lashes. I really, really like this one.

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Matias D.
Excellent brush!

It is very soft, it serves both to blur along the lower lashes as well as to give depth. The quality is wonderful both of the hair and the handle.

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