Beauty Product Reviews

Not What I Expected

I was in the market for a new product and this had just launched. I do PLENTY of research before investing in products, and I did not see one bad review of Dipbrow ANYWHERE. Needless to say, I was like an excited little kid when I finally got around to purchasing this at Ulta. Likes: Color- Ulta had none of these stocked on the shelves, which lead me to believe they were sold out. I asked a sales associate and she told me she had them tucked away. She went and got the one she believed to be the best fit for me, which irritated me a little. I felt like I should be able to pick which one I wanted after seeing them in person. Luckily, the shade she chose winded up being a perfect match. Staying Power- It really does last all day. The main reason I wanted a new product is because my current brow wax (by ELF) has been smearing a lot lately. This morning, I accidentally got a little of the Dipbrow on my hand and tried to just wipe it off with my other hand. It didn't budge. I tried wiping it off with my jacket. It still was there. I had to actually go and wash my hands to get it off my hand. Price- $18.00 is reasonable to me, especially for a staple like brows.

Dislikes- Creaminess- It is advertised as creamy, but I expected kind of like a gel eyeliner. This product is literally butter in a jar. In my opinion, it's way to creamy and makes it extremely difficult to work with. Pigment- There is no "light application" of Dipbrow. Even just a quick touch of your angled brush to this product is going to give you a deep rich color. It makes it extremely hard to do a gradient brow or have any changes in intensity.

Gift from the Makeup Gods

Makeup Geek eyeshadows are a gift sent from the makeup gods. For reference, I grew up on drugstore eyeshadows (ELF, Maybelline, Covergirl.) If you could find it at Walmart or Target, I had it. Eventually I wanted to get something more high end. I went with Urban Decay because that's what everybody else was wearing. I wore Urban Decay shadows for about three years before making the switch to Makeup Geek. I originally wanted to purchase MAC shadows, but I just can't afford to spend $15 on an eyeshadow (I do need to go to college and buy a car!) especially when I typically use 4-5 eyeshadows in one look. I heard good things about Makeup Geek, and I found a link comparing swatches of their shadows next to Mac shadows. A lot of them were spot on dupes, or the Makeup Geek shadows just looked more appealing. I placed my order for six shadows in the pan ($5.99 each vs. $7.99 to get the plastic compact) and I also bought a Z-Palette to store them in. On to the actual shadows. I am blown away. Whenever I talk about MUG shadows, my line is "They blow Urban Decay out of the water." They do. They really do. The colors don't need a primer or more than one "rub" to get a good swatch. I have the shade "Glamourous" which is gold, and it shows up like a pure pigment. For reference, it's double the Wow Factor than Half Baked by Urban Decay. My particular favorite shade is "Cocoa Bear." It's a brick reddish brown meant to suit blue eyes, but I adore it on my brown peepers. It just adds this warmth and sultriness to a look that's absolutely breathtaking. The shadows blend like an absolute dream. It takes little to no product to actually get it to show up, and they don't have a "muddy" look that I felt like was inevitable with Urban Decay shadows. I will be a devoted Makeup Geek buyer as long as they stay in business.

A Bit Iffy

This was first brow product that I purchased over a year ago. I used to swear by it and recommend it to all my friends who were just getting into serious brow upkeep. Lately, it seems like the wax doesn't last at all. I always used it to trace the underline of my brows but it just seems to be very smudgy and smear-y. I still use the powder. About to upgrade from this product to MAC Fluidline in Dipdown.

Pretty, But Not Worth the Price Tag

I really really wanted to love this product. I was in the market for a new highlighter, and as much as I want Whisper of Guilt- it's virtually unavailable everywhere. I took a trip to MAC to buy Heroine, and swatched Superb. LOVED it, but didn't buy because of the hefty $30 price tag. To me, that's a lot for a highlighter. I kept staring at the swatch all day and regretted not purchasing, so I winded up going to another mall that night. They had one Superb left in stock. I thought it was fate. Now, on to the actual product. It is BEAUTIFUL. It really it. It swatches like a dream and the color is just perfect. But for some reason, I just couldn't get it to show up on my face. I used all different types of brushes and nada. My last resort was my fingers, which worked but it went on looking very heavy like obvious stripes of sparkle on my face. It doesn't blend well either. I'm probably going to go exchange for two fluidlines, or maybe a new foundation. I just wasn't satisfied.

Go-To Lashes

My favorite lashes of all time. These are Ardell's most popular lashes for a reason. I love Ardell in general. Everytime I stray and buy a different brand I regret it. Ardell lashes have a sturdy lash band that keeps it's shape and can be used multiple times with good care. The 105's are the perfect lashes for everyday wear, they are long and have that exaggerated edge that gives your eyes a more sultry cat eye look. Love them.

Holy Grail Foundation

I picked up this foundation because I was getting sick of the flat finish I was getting with Studio Fix Fluid. Don't listen to what the description or the MAC Girls say, this foundation is extremely buildable for complete full coverage face (I only wear full coverage.) I don't know what it was, but this foundation has great staying power. I do my makeup at 5:30am it is still looks perfect at 2:45 when I get home from school, even without a primer. I ran out and have been using an old bottle of Studio Fix for a month or so now, and I really miss my Mineralize Moisture foundation. I'll probably be shelling out the $35 for it this weekend.

If you want a party gold, this is it.

My boyfriend purchased this for me for a concert I was going to. I wanted a really gold glittery lid that would last all night. I didn't want to use the whole glue and loose glitter method nor did I want a basic gold eyeshadow. The lady at Sephora showed me this product and I have never seen anything like it before. The gold stayed all night and looked absolutely beautiful. It's a little pricey at $32 pre-tax, but it's a great product that will be a staple in my makeup collection.