Beauty Product Reviews

My signature shadow

I wear Lux Lilac every day and it really pops out against and compliments my blue-green eyes. I get a lot of compliments on the shadow. It's smooth, affordable, long-lasting, and has a touch of shimmer. .


I have sensitive skin and a lot of lotions irritate my skin, but this one doesn't. It's extremely moisturizing, has a soft scent, and absorbs well. I apply after showers as part of my bedtime ritual.

So sparkly!

I have these shadows in lots of colors and I've found them extremely sparkly (especially when applied wet), long-lasting, and pretty. My favorite shade is Violet Femme, which is a sparkly lavender. These shadows also go from day to night really easily.

My favorite gloss!

I absolutely LOVE these lip glosses! I always buy them 5 for $20 and I've accumulated hundreds over the years and have a huge collection. They're extremely shiny, create smoothness and the appearance of fullness, and smell delish. My favorite glosses are Sugar High, Cupquake, Bubble It Up, and Cherry Bomb.

My signature perfume

I've been using the original formula for the past four years and I just love it. I get lots of compliments and people always stop me and ask what perfume I'm wearing. The scent is flirty, fruity, and seductive.


This is my all-time favorite mascara! It's true to its name, is very washable, and goes on nice and smooth. I've compared it with CoverGirl Colossal Volume, CoverGirl Exact Eyelights, Maybelline Great Lash, Flirt! BIG FLIRT Mascara, and many others, and this is the one I always come back to.

Smells delish

This smells yummy, but irritates my sensitive skin, so I just wear it as a perfume. The scent can be a little strong, too, so I always wear it in small doses.