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Intense Hydration and calming effect I can see

I am on my second jar of this product & I really enjoy using it. The consistency is kind of like soft caramel (like the kind in a Milky Way) it does not feel sticky in a sugary sense, but it is dense and creamy which means you need to work the product onto your skin. I really enjoy the warming sensation that you get when you spread and rub the mask into your skin (it also turns whiteish as you are doing this). I leave it on for about 10 minutes and then either rinse it off with warm water or a damp washcloth (just using water it takes some work to get it off - I usually do that in the shower, I use the washcloth method if I am taking it off at the sink). Immediately after using the mask my skin feels noticeably softer and smoother and I do see a temporary reduction in my surface redness (nothing topical will take it away permanently). Overall I enjoy the sensation of using the product and the results that provides. To me it is worth the higher price due to the uniqueness of the formula and feel as well as the results it provides.

Great quality we come to expect from Sonia and beautiful colors

These brushes are so esthetically pleasing (full disclosure purple is my favorite color so I am biased Haahaa). The craftsmanship is the same quality as her core line, the handles are tapered like her more recent releases and feel wonderful in the hand. I have not quite figured out how to use the Base Fan brush yet as it is quite dense and I prefer not to use natural hair for my base products. I think I will try it for contour/bronzer application. The cheek brush (which is just an undyed version of her Cheek Pro) is wonderful for blush (I have a smaller face/features so I prefer smaller brushes), and I actually like it better than the Cheek Pro as I feel it has a little more give and blends softer than the dyed version. The Face Detail brush is literal perfection for pigmented blushes as it is very airy but still has enough body due to the goat hair to really blend out product (something that I struggle with when I use squirrel hair brushes). I love the size and shape of the brush for precise blush placement, I hope she offers this one separately at some point because I would love another one :) The Worker in this set seems to be a bit more airy than the worker 2 from her original line (probably due to the fact it is undyed vs. dyed), I have been enjoying it as a one-and-done brush for a simple eye look - it is fluffy enough to blend out the crease and still dense enough to pack pigment on the lids. The builder in this set is an undyed version of the Builder Three from her OG line which is my favorite packing brush and lower lash line brush at the moment so I am happy to have another one. Lastly the Soft Definer brush, I was expecting to love this for lower lash line shadow, but it has a little too much movement for me to be precise with (again I have smaller eyes so I need precision), however what I do love it for is blending out the lower lash line, almost like a crease brush for the lower lash line. Very soft, very flexible and a dream to use. Love everything about this set & hoping she will release the brushes individually & also come out with more brushes in this color way, it is so beautiful!!

It is a standard gloss, I picked the wrong color

This is specifically a review for the color Hibiscus, which I thought was going to be deeper in color, but I realize that the frosty-ness of this shade makes it appear much lighter on the lips. The formula is fine, nothing special but very wearable and not too sticky. I am personally not a fan of minty flavored gloss, so that also was a negative for me, and it is just flavor/scent, there is not any tingle factor. Overall okay gloss, I just picked the wrong color.

Love the color story, hate the formula

I jumped on purchasing the new Pearl palette from Wayne Goss since it is right up my alley in terms of color story but I am so disappointed in the application of these shadows (the only one that I actually like the formula of is the celestial shade). The mattes are so bad… I really don’t understand how the YouTube testers that got this palette before launch were able to achieve such pigmented looks from it. The formula of these mattes is very silky and smooth feeling with not much pigment. I am fine with shadows that are less pigmented IF they will build. These shadows are so silky that I cannot get them to build on themselves at all and they will literally blend away to nothing. The pink and the warm brown shade blend into each other and I cannot differentiate them on the eye. Forget it if you want to build one matte on top of another, seriously impossible. This is why I am so confused by the demonstrations where the looks come out pigmented! The shimmer shade in this palette is more of a satin (and it is fine in terms of formula, just not my preference for finish, I prefer a little more pop in my shimmers). I will say the matte gray in the palette is such a beautiful and unique color. I have a ton of eyeshadow and I have nothing like it. It’s a mid (bordering on deep) tone gray with purple undertones. I also give Wayne Goss credit for listening to his consumers and not putting a black in this palette, I really appreciate that from a brand, it shows they care about what we want, 5 stars for that :) Unfortunately I will be returning this palette, I am grateful that Beautylish has such excellent customer service.

Not sure if I got a bad brush or had the wrong expectation

I bought this based on the reviews here, and was expecting it to be a soft brush, unfortunately I found this to be pokey and actually physically uncomfortable to use. This is definitely not a brush I could buff out powder with and I couldn't find a use for it so I ended up returning it. Props to Beautylish for their excelled customer service!

Great brush for precise blush application

I was so surprised at how soft this brush was! I love this brush shape and softness for applying blush right where I want it. Since the head is on the smaller side (and I have kept mine in a brush guard to preserve that shape), it is so easy to control where I place my blush. The softness of the brush means the hairs provide an airy effect so that blending is a pleasure. I always look forward to using this brush. Finish of the brush components is impeccable just like every other Sonia G brush I own.

Love this for contouring!

The very unique shape of this brush makes quick work out of contouring my cheeks. I like to get most of my contour loaded up on the short side of this fan brush and I hold the brush so that the short side is by my hair line where I want to start my cheek contour. I then softly create my contour line, then rotate the brush so that the longer side blends out the line to perfection. I will admit I ordered this brush to complete my Sonia G. Sculpt "set" and was not really sure how I was going to use it, but I found my new favorite contour brush :)

Unique fan brush, fantastic for precise highlight application

I have only used this brush for highlighter application, so this review only addresses that use. I love this brush for precise application of highlighter, while still being able to effortlessly diffuse powder. Since this brush is both wispy in nature but still retains some density due to the shorter (than typical fan brushes) hairs, it is able to offer that perfect balance of precise application and blend-ability. I am able to get my highlighter exactly where I want it, with maximum intensity, without it looking like a stripe on my face. Highly recommended!!

Amazing quality versatile fan brush

I think this is my favorite Sonia G brush (I own all of the sculpting fan brushes & the face 2). It applies highlighter as intense as you want it (and will also diffuse it softly), it is an amazing contour brush, and I have also used it successfully with blush and bronzer. I actually think I could travel with just this one brush for face (wouldn't want to, but the fact that I could speaks to it's versatility). The craftsmanship of this brush is stunning, I have had no shedding at all, the hairs are amazingly soft yet still dense enough to pick up stubborn powders. Over all this brush is a joy to use and a fantastic tool.

Love everything but the shedding

Like Raquel G. I have also had continuous shedding issues with this brush since I purchased it about 3 months ago. Every use it will shed 2 to 3 hairs. It is a shame since everything else about the brush is amazing except for the shedding. You can literally apply bronzer in about 10 seconds since it is so large but still tapered enough to be somewhat precise, and offers effortless blending. I have 4 other Sonia G face brushes and have not had this issue with any of them. Perhaps both Raquel and I got defective brushes?

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