Sonia G.

Sculpt Three

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Bianca T.
Ideal for very subtle and precise sculpting

This brush is great for subtle sculpting under the cheekbone (the outer part) and for extending the upward line of the lower lashline upwards towards the hairline. When using a light contour shade it gives a lifted eye. Love this brush, so fast and easy!

Chevonese  G.

I got this after reading the positive reviews and because the description states that this brush is unlike other fan brushes in that it picks up a lot of pigment. That description is entirely accurate! Because of this brush I am able to use the Nars Orgasm blush that has been sitting unused in my make up kit for well over a year. I just could not get any colour pay off on my dark skin with other brushes. With this brush, I can use the blush as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones and in the arch of my brow. I didn't buy this for use with one product of course and also use this for other highlighters (Becca, Natasha Denona, Hourgalss) to provide a good pop of light but somehow the application is still very natural looking - it never goes OTT even when my hand isn't that light or I'm in a rush. The bristles are very soft but they are firm so you don't get that "floppy" feeling when applying the product. I find that a more subtle look can be achieved by using the side of the bristles rather than on the thin flat edge which is more intense. The brush is nicely weighted and the maple wood feels solid. The brush feels well constructed and like it will last, with proper care of course. I had actually given away my Smashbox fan brush as I didn't see the point of them but I would certainly try other fan brushes from Sonia G based on the performance of the Sculpt 3.

Jeri A.
Cute brush, soft and easy to use

I was hoping for a larger size. It surprised me when it came today and was so much smaller than I expected. I will keep it to use it and see how I like it. I ordered 2 by mistake. It said 1 when I checked out, but 2 arrived. This is the second order where I recorded 2 of the same items; when a I only needed 1. I think the website needs to be refreshed is you change your order before a final check out. I will return the other one.

Sacha Z.
Ferrule is too soft

With a nail you can mark the metal which is a problem in my opinion, évent more at this price.

Odille B.
What I was looking for!

I already have the Sculpt 2, and Fan pro as my highligter brushes. I love the Sculpt 2 for hard pressed baked gelee type of formula like Charlotte Tilbury' Bar of Gold palette or the unique powder formula of Nars highlighters. I use the Fan pro for cream to powder formulas like Benefit's cookie highlighter because the brush is stiff enough, dense and very very smooth. Both brushes are too strong for Tom Ford duo highlighters and Ofra highlighters. Sculpt 3 is the perfect brush for these because it is soft enough to just give a natural and even highlight effortlessly.

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Svetlana S.
Кисть для хайлайта

Впервые попробовала "японские кисти". И не пожалела, что потратила 32 доллара. В сравнении с синтетикой (focallure и zoeva) втушевывает хайлайтер сильнее и граница более мягкая получается. Тестировала на хайлатерах makeup geek, focallure, hourglass. Размер оптимальный, можно и зоны на скулах выделить и нос, и даже под бровью кончиком кисти нанести продукт. Кисть из козы, но по ощущениям очень мягкая почти белка. Однозначно лучшее вложение и стоит своих денег.

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K N.
Ferrule fell off

I bought this brand based on the rave reviews within several months of 1-2 a week of usage, the head fell off.

I superglued it back on but didn’t think it’d fall off. I don’t use much makeup and I take care of my stuff.

But the brush itself does its job on applying highlighter.

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Raeanne B.
what a difference!

I was using a Trish McEvoy fan brush prior to this; and then I bought this...WOW, what a difference it makes in application. THIS BRUSH IS SUPERIOR, and yet priced better. It applies highlighters like a dream. stiff, but soft, and picks up pigment so well. Sonia G you're slowly taking all my money, and I'm not sad ;)

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barbara g.
best blush brush ever

Just the right amount of blush. I have even blended several blushes with this terrific brush. No"clown cheeks"

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Carla Z.
Great highlighting brush

Gives a beautifully smooth application of highlighter, there’s enough stiffness to the brush to buff powders into the skin. It’s my first SG brush and I’m converted, it’s clearly a well thought out shape and carefully manufactured. I want more! Lol I would love another fan in a similar shape but maybe 50% smaller for more precise application for when layering highlighters.