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Great daily AM face oil

I purchased this oil since it specifically said it was good for sensitive/ reactive skin and would help calm skin conditions (like eczema). I do suffer from occasional eczema outbreaks on my face and this oil has calmed them down (relieved itching and re-hydrated the area). This oil is medium viscosity, but is quickly absorbed by the skin. I am mixing this with another (thicker) face oil during my morning routine and it helps dilute the ticker oil and help the thicker oil absorb faster. I would definitely recommend trying this oil if you are curious about face oils and have sensitive skin, for under $5 it is fantastic.

Soft, calmed skin

This oil has been an amazing addition to my nightly oil layer. I do dilute it with other oils, but I have also applied it full strength without any negative effects. In my opinion it works best mixed in with other oils to help deliver it to the skin. It is the exact color of the picture, and even using one drop mixed with two drops of another oil my face does get an orange tint (so I would say this is a night time only oil). Overall this oil is lightweight and quickly absorbed, does not break me out and makes my skin so soft, definitely recommended and as always love the great price that The Ordinary provides quality product for.

Not duo-chrome & not what was expected based on brand's social media photo/videos

I understand that the purpose of this product is to be a top-coat, and so I did expect it to be sheer (which it definitely is, however it can be built up to full opacity), however I was really expecting more impact from this product. Based on the photos and videos provided by the brand on their social media I was expecting this to be super sparkly (like for example the Tom Ford glitter top coats in his quads), and also to have a true duo-chrome quality to it, i.e. a color that shifts to another color. This is sparkly, but does not pack the sparkle punch that other products do, it is a more refined wet looking shimmer (which is fine), but I was most disapointed that this is not really duo-chrome. In my opinion having a base color in a product with a different color shimmer on top does not a duo-chrome make... and that is what this is... it is a light very warm brown (really almost orange) with blue and pink shimmers. I have attached photos to (hopefully) show what I am trying to describe. The shimmers themselves do not shift colors, but do catch the light nicely and are pretty.

The other thing that disappointed me about this product is that when I tried to use it as a top coat (over a matte powder eyeshadow) it lifted the eyeshadow base, so I was left with a patchy looking mess... it is almost like this formula is too emollient to be used over powder eyesahdows.

Bottom Line - not duo-chrome, not a usable top-coat over powder eyeshadow, not super shimmery goodness like shown on social media, and an over all disappointment... would not recommend.

Perfect Brow brush

I typically use synthetic brushes (actually 98% of my brushes are synthetic), which is really just a personal preference, but I found that my synthetic angled brushes that I was using for brow powder were only lasting a few months & then they would start to splay and I could not get a precise placement any more. I also really couldn't find a shape in a synthetic brush that was perfect. Many are too thin (since many angled brushes are designed for eyeliner), or were too thick, or the hairs were too long making the brush floppy. This Wayne Goss eyebrow brush is just perfection. The bristles are short enough that the brush is stiff enough to provide good lay-down, the width of the head is wide enough to allow you to quickly do your brows, but not too wide to take away control, and as long as I have had this (about a year and a half) I have not seen any change in the hair or any shedding. Definitely recommended!

This stuff is awesome!

So I originally purchased this in my quest to find something non-steroidal to relieve my eczema. Unfortunately for me it did not work for that (meaning it did not heal my existing eczema breakout), BUT it definitely does help my eczema from flaring up and I have since discovered that it makes a fabulous overnight lip balm. My biggest surprise with this product is that it makes a great blemish healer. You know when you get a pimple (and we all know we are not supposed to pick at them, but let's be honest sometimes you can't help yourself...) well anyway, when your pimple is at it's worst (oozy, red and inflamed - basically after you pick at it), put this on it over night & it will be almost healed by morning! Seriously I couldn't believe how well it worked, it just helps the healing process along & prevents that nasty flaky phase of the pimple process & calms down the swelling and redness. I will never be without a tube of this stuff :)

Great color selection, a unique offering in a sea of palettes

This palette is great, I love the color selection (which actually delivers on the purple palette promise), and it also contains enough non-purple shades that it isn't a one-trick-pony either. The purple shades in this palette are stunning and will not disappoint any purple eyeshadow lovers! There are great transition shades and deepening shades as well as a lighter shimmer that allow this palette to provide a complete look (the only thing lacking for me is a matte brow bone color, but let's be real, I have so many of those in other palettes I don't really need another one, lol). Overall I really do think that this palette offers a unique color selection, and if you love purple eyeshadows (and metallic finishes) this palette is a must have in my opinion, definitely worth the high price tag since the quality and uniqueness is there.

Very nice texture, unfortunately color oxidized

I really loved the feel of this powder, very smooth and creamy and melts into the skin. The shimmer level is gorgeous, it gives that natural glow that we all want. The thing that made me return this product is that the shade Sun Desire, which looks like a nice warm rose turns orange on my cheeks within 30 minutes. So overall I really did love everything about this product minus the fact that it did not agree with my skin chemistry and would change colors. I have a feeling that if you have dryer skin this will work amazingly for you.

Pailette Finish - Not the same formula as the quads

I love the Tom Ford quads, including the sparkling top-coat type finish that he includes in many of them. I actually think that formula is pretty unique, it allows you to add a light sparkle to a look or you can apply heavier and go full on metallic. I ordered three of the Pailette finish shades assuming they would be the same formula as the similar shades in the quads... however they are not. The Pailette finish has a much heavier feel & it is difficult to achieve a top coat effect from them, and I also found them lacking in the the sparkle factor. Over-all I am disappointed in the singles and do not think they are worth $38 for .04oz. That was the other thing that bothered me... you get much less product than the individual shades in the quads (1.2g single vs. 2.5g per shade in the quads).

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