Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

This foundation saved my face when i was breaking out so bad. I have oily and acne prone skin but this worked out for me. oil control is so so and coverage was medium but this foundation looked natural. Im thinking of repurchasing but this is too expensive for my budget for everyday use.

I wanna love it but i just couldnt

This is a cheaper concealer compared to others but its really hard to blend. It also builds up so it looks cakey. I would not repurchase but if i cant find anything else for sure il go back to this concealer.

I expected more, but it still works....a little

I expected a lot from this serum knowing it had a lot of great reviews everywhere. after 2 months of using consistently, i noticed my lashes were getting volume, not long, but it made my eyes have more lashes than the usual. It looks a lot thicker when I apply mascara. I wouldnt buy this if i run out though, this is expensive for me and id rather use castor oil. haha


Ive tried tons of masks and so far, this is my HG! love the clean and smooth feeling that i get after using this. I also use it as spot treatment overnight and it works, not the same as BP, but its does help a little :) i would love to try Aztec also, but this will do for now :)

the best one ive tried so far

Ive had acne all my life, i have tried lots of products but this one, i have love hate relationship with. Love because my face has been better compared before. Hate because it did not completely get rid of my acne. Actually, i think if you dont have hormonal problem like me, this would work pretty damn good! This is a strong toner and it stiiiiiiings right after application. feels like puting mint on your face. but it feels so fresh and clean after.

in LOVE!

This is the best lip balm ive tried so far. Better than Maybelline's baby lips. It feels soft and smooth, it lasts long! The best thing i like about this product is the way its designed and the smell.. oh my, the smell! I have mine in strawberry sorbet. I would definitely re purchase if i run out. I cant really say that it fixes chapped lips coz mine aren't. But from the feel of using it, it feels like it will do a good job of repairing damaged lips :)