Beauty Product Reviews

Strong but lovely

If you are in the market for a fragrance with a punch, this is probably one of your best bets. It is a very pleasant perfume but if you wear it all day, you might get tired by its strong fumes. It is a good persistent scent, so can wear one spritz and be fine all day. The main scent appears to be that of oranges or ginger.

Light and fresh

This fragrance is very light but absolutely divine. Could be easily worn without offending anyone who is allergic. Its main feature is that it smells like you just came out of the shower and you carry that fresh scent with you all day long.

Abolutely stunning fragrance

I have a perfume collection that spans hundreds of different brands, most of them bought in Europe, yet this is my all time favorite. Ever since receiving this as a gift, I have used nothing but IT. Try it and see if you can resist it ^_^

Nice but not outstanding

I find it a bit too strong for my taste and it feels too heavy when I wear it. I prefer fragrances with lime or pineapple as a daily product. Not a bad scent though. Try it on your skin to find out what it's really like.

Excellent for teens and adults

I have had this for at least 30 years in my personal collection and it is one of my favorites. Its fresh scent is so understated that you never get tired of it, and yet when you wear it, it is quite a charmer.

Very versatile

This is a very versatile fragrance that can be used as an everyday addition or a special bonus for a soiree. Not too strong but not too subtle. Give it a try.

A bit too aggressive

I used this a lot when I was younger, but as I got older I found that the scent was simply too strong. All perfumes are a personal decision, so all I can say is that now I prefer more subtle fragrances, but Dune itself has a wonderful scent.

Absolutely the best

I wish more shades were available, but the ones on the market are simply fabulous. I use Candy, Pink Lingerie, Spirit, Sterling, Lily, Crystal Glow and Jaded. The white of this line (Spirit) is absolutely perfect for nail art, full cover in one sweep, no streaks, bright snow white and does not look like white out. All in all, absolutely gorgeous turn out.

Great for everything

I use this for nail art and solid color. It is a beautiful bright shade of lime green that shimmers visibly. It only takes one coat, but with two coats it gets even more impressive.