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Thierry Mugler



Megan Y.
The Most Wonderful Perfume

I used to take art workshops and the woman who taught them always smelled AMAZING. I finally asked her what perfume she wore and she said "Angel- it's the only fragrance I wear." Since that day I was hooked. I'm really scent-sensitive, so finding a perfume that didn't give me a headache within an hour was amazing on it's own- but the fact that over ten years later I still love this scent above all others is really telling. It's a warm, and sensual perfume with notes of chocolate, honey, caramel, and bergamot to name a few. My boyfriend loves it, and I get compliments on how good I smell all the time. I'll always love this perfume! :D

Farah M.
Winter smell

it's very thick smelling in a really good way!! i call it winter smell just cause of it's mixture is so unique, i swear that no other perfume will smell like that in any kinda way.

to be honest the first reason o bought it cause of its bottle, i thought it was sick looking and the second reason i bought the second one is cause of it's wonderful smell.

it really smell like a winter night, one of my favorite ever.

Samantha S.
Light and fresh

This fragrance is very light but absolutely divine. Could be easily worn without offending anyone who is allergic. Its main feature is that it smells like you just came out of the shower and you carry that fresh scent with you all day long.