Beauty Product Reviews

Very good product. Just be careful when opening the package and using the powder, it does get everywhere. It is extremely worth the little bit of mess though! Makes your face feel and look very soft and smooth!

This concealer has amazing coverage but just warning everyone that it is VERY THICK and a little difficult to blend because of that. A lot of the time I'll warm the product up in my fingers before applying it to make application a lot easier.

This might be the most amazing matte formula I've ever tried before - high end and drugstore both! I just wish they had more of a selection of shades ): I would own every single one of these if they had better shade selection!

Favorite setting powder ever! I always have at least one of these lying around in my makeup collection just to make sure I always have it! Perfect finish to your foundation and feels amazing on the skin as well. Doesn't get cakey unless you apply heaps and heaps of it, but what powder doesn't!

There are so many better dry shampoos out there! Mine broke before the bottle was even finished ): Didn't give me nearly as much volume and oil relief as all of the other dry shampoos I've tried.

Absolute favorite drugstore concealer! Perfect shades, perfect consistency, perfect coverage, perfect everything! I couldn't ask for anything more. Lightweight, blend-able, and perfect! Definitely a must have in all makeup collections!

Now this mud means business. It will pull everything to the surface... And I mean everything. If you're not used to using a mask and this is the first one you put on.. Be prepared for a lot of little spots to appear. Don't worry though, once the spots disappear they're gone for good if you keep up with a good face routine!

This is a good drugstore concealer if you're not willing to splurge for high end! Not as full coverage as a lot of high end concealers, but still amazing for drug store! Very creamy and light weight.

I love this eyebrow brush! The shape and thin-ness of the angled side is perfection. I use this brush to apply Anistasia's Dip Brow and I wouldn't want to apply it with anything else! Wonderful size spooly as well!

Fun and cute packaging, but I don't think it does much help for the lips. It does make them softer while you're wearing it but once it wears off it doesn't really feel as though anything changed. Not that I'm expecting a huge change after one wear.. But after a couple months I would expect a little change! Still adorable and handy for everyday little touch ups while on the go.

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