NYX Cosmetics

Studio Finishing Powder


Angel V.
Photo of product included with review by Angel V.

Not a fan, if you want me to be honest. I find that when I put this powder all over my face, in small quantities, it makes my skin appear darker while bringing out my redness. That's after I complete my makeup routine, meaning this powder is cutting through layers of foundation and primer to make it seem pointless. It does minimize pores, but I find that it's nothing extraordinary. Also, if you're not a fan of that heavy chemical dust that wafts off your brush when you apply, steer clear of this powder. Attached is an image of my foundation before the powder and after.

Rebecca P.
Feels great on the skin, great dupe for MUFE HD Powder

I enjoyed using this powder. Even with my dry skin, it didn't emphasize my dry spots.

However, if you're unfamiliar with these types of silica powders, keep in mind these do NOT look good with flash photography. I didn't repurchase for this reason.

Hannah L.

Very good product. Just be careful when opening the package and using the powder, it does get everywhere. It is extremely worth the little bit of mess though! Makes your face feel and look very soft and smooth!

Cesia V.
great product!

remember not to use this kind of powder if you're going to be exposed to any kind of flashing cameras, it WILL show up in the pictures and make your face look white.

Erika S.

I have oily skin and this does wonders for me. Not only does it keep my face matte for long periods of time but it gives a natural look. It's a great product

Vida A.
Just as good as the MUFE Finishing Powder

If you love Make Up Forever's HD Translucent setting powder, this is definitely a good dupe for it. It costs about $9-11 depending on where you are and gives you a lot more product for your buck as opposed to the Make Up Forever one. It's also pretty much the same ingredients as the more high end brands and works wonders for my skin. I also love the feeling as well as the finish this powder gives after I've used it. I would definitely buy this again once I'm finished with my first jar.