Beauty Product Reviews

Worth the money!

I was desperate for a black and saw this brand so i thought i would give it a go and i am very glad i did. A lot of people say this nail varnish needs lots of coats, i didn't have this problem but it might of been because i had black? I think for how much you pay, its perfectly fine. Would recommend this to a friend!

Really good value for money!

My favourite thing about Barry M is there colour selection, and there price! For only £2.99 they are definitely one of the best drugstore nail varnishes! Also it lasts a long time without chipping and has this really glossy shine to it!

I really love this mascra! My favourtie thing about it is the fact that its waterproof, if it rains or anything it doesn't smudge at all! Also it isn't a nightmare to take off before you go to bed like some waterproof mascras! I think for what it is this product is really worth the money!


I found that it was really difficult to line up the design with my actual nail. For example every time i tried to do flowers half of the design would be on my finger! I don't know whether this was just me being clumsy?However, if the pattern did turn out right then it looked really professional!Overall i think the Konad Nail stamping set is okay it you get the pattern right but it is extremely messy!

Very time consuming

These took we me a long time to get right, and were at points really frustrating! However, once they one on, i loved them! They stayed on for a long time and didn't damage my nails underneath at all.

Not worth the money!

I brought this nail varnish because i hate waiting for my nails to dry and the colour was gorgeous . However i was disappointed it stained my nails really bad, and i got lots of air bubbles in between coats. Also the nail polish was too thick so when i was painting smaller nails such as my little finger i found it hard to not put it everywhere!!!

Not worth the money!

I found this in a shop for only £1.99 and was amazed, now i understand why it was so cheap! It went sticking and lumpy after about 4 days of purchasing it! Will not be buying again!

I would recommend this nail varnish to anyone! My mum and dad brought me an Essie nail polish for my birthday and its one of my favorites. I can wear it for around 3-4 days with virtually no chips! The application is really smooth and the colour's are really strong and vibrant. Will definitely be buying more!


I am in love with this my product! For £1.50 you can't complain it covers up any imperfections on my face! I like it more than my rimmel foundation :)


I love this nail polish! I know its a bit more expensive than usual, but i think it's worth it! It go's on really nice and doesn't chip for up to a week on me. My fav nail polish brand