2-Way Stamp & Scraper


Rebecca F.

The Konad nail stamping set is a great product. I initially discovered it a few years ago. It works well, but you have to work fast before the nail polish starts drying on the image plates or the stamper. But it works wonderfully if you get it right. The images on your nails will look very professional. What I don't like about it, is that the scraper is made out of metal, and when you use it to scrape the polish off the image plate, it will get scratches on it. It won't effect the images though. At least it hasn't for me yet, but I'd still prefer it if the scraper were made out of plastic instead, so it wouldn't scratch the plate.

Lily A.

I found that it was really difficult to line up the design with my actual nail. For example every time i tried to do flowers half of the design would be on my finger! I don't know whether this was just me being clumsy?However, if the pattern did turn out right then it looked really professional!Overall i think the Konad Nail stamping set is okay it you get the pattern right but it is extremely messy!