Beauty Product Reviews

No good. Had tried this a while ago and liked it but they must have changed their formula. Now it's extremely soft and you have to be very careful when putting it on. I ended up with raccoon eyes or the liner disappeared within a few hours. Despite this, it didn't even wash off with soap when I tried to remove it. I took it back, it was too messy.

This was my first "real" blush purchase. I wanted something I could use everyday without feeling overdone, and this is a nice shade for that. However I feel like I have to put a lot on for it to show up, even though I'm pale. The texture is great, very soft and smooth with no glitter (yay!) and makes my skin look radiant. Maybe I'll just try a darker shade next time.

sparkles everywhere

I saw this eyeliner and my eyes almost popped out of my head. I loveeee glitter so I bought it without a second thought. When I tried it at home, there was a lot of fallout - it doesn't glide on like regular shadows, it's more or less a container of loose glitter that they squished into this container. The color of the glitter isn't very obvious, it's just glittery and sparkly. The only thing I hate about it is that it gets ALL OVER your face and wont come off with simple wiping away. You have to be careful and precise to get it only on your eyes. But for that dramatic glittery look, its a good buy.

I bought into the hype for these butters and wasn't as amazed as I thought I'd be. The colors are nice and glide on smoothly and you can build up the intensity of the the shade. However some shades have huge flecks of glitter in them which you cant tell before you try it. I hate glitter on my lips - it reminds me of lip glosses I used to wear as a pre-teen. These butters also do not last long at all. An hour TOPS. Reapplying is not a pain since it's like chapstick, but it stinks anyway! They're good for a low maintenance kinda girl

I was mostly after this mascara's new "plush" formula since I have hard, pointy lashes. It wasn't much different than any other mascara out there. The length and definition is similar to the Falsies version from Maybelline - however the Falsies are still better overall. Not a waste of money, but might be worth skipping.

I used to be a die hard fan of Covergirl's mascaras - now I like this one better. The formula is smooth and really lengthens your lashes a lot. It doesn't do too much for volume, but you can layer this to build it up. There is the occasional clump, but nothing outrageous. It's my everyday mascara.

I have brown hair and slightly ashier brows but stuck with the brunette shade after trying them at Sephora. This is my first brow pencil but I'm very pleased. most importantly, it looks totally natural and blends wonderfully. the small tip of the pencil and retractable/no sharpen thing are great. I dont go all out and change the shape of my brow, but I just fill in the outer ends to make them more visible and it does the job great.

Great buy

Bought this on a whim and glad I did - I threw out my regular mineral foundation since this was so much better! I have clear skin that doesn't get too oily (except for my forehead) so this is a great moisturizer with color correction/imperfection blurring powers. My face feels fresh like I have nothing on but the tone of my skin is even and matte. No sparkles which I love! The formula is very thin, but it's good cause it blends quickly and easily and a little goes a long way. You can use this if you want to spruce up a little before a workout or even as your regular makeup if you have decent skin already. I still do use a concealer on spots that need to be covered up, but overall I really like this and have bought it again.

Skip this eyeliner

I wear eyeliner everyday, so I am used to using different types for different uses, etc. This is the worst one I've used. Yes, it's very soft and glides on - but that also leads to it sliding off your eyes and giving you the raccoon look by the end of the day (and I don't have oily lids!) It never stays sharp so you have to sharpen every other day and since it's so soft you can't get precise lines on the upper lid. As for the waterline, it shows up nice and dark but again slides off quickly. I threw it out after about a month of frustration.