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Beauty Product Reviews


This thing has several purposes and it awesomely works for almost everything! I use it on my lips, elbows, feet, eyebrows & eyelashes. It's not miraculous... but helps and it's cheap.


This is my ultimate fragance. I have always love it! When I combine this fragance with vanilla lace spray from VS it's a bomb, guys ask me which is that delicious fragance I'm using. No joke.


I love using this product on summer or when I'm going to the beach to calm down my skin, it's really refreshing. I also use it as a primer before I put my make up on, I think it prepares my skin and makes it look healthier. I have also used this as a setting spray.. but don't think it helps a lot for that purpose.

Like it

This product is meant to be both a skin refresher and a setting spray, I have use it more as a setting spray and it works good for me. For primer I like to use thermal water of avene, it really refresh my skin and make it ready for make up.