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Beauty Product Reviews

I like the color of this false eyelashes when I get bored with the long false eyelashes, this can be the best choice for me. It's also make my eyes look brighter because of they have sky blue color and another color. It's also easier to open my eyes like I' not wearing false eyelashes. I really really love sugarpill cosmetics products.

this perfume is so unique, while you're trying to look fashionable with accessories, you can also got the wow smell it's really practice. you won't afraid anymore you'll broke some accessories when you forget and put it on before you put on you perfume

this is the first eyeliner product when my friend taught me how to put on eyeliner for smoky eyes in a good way. well, I had fallen in love with it since that time and now I really enjoy it. it's long-lasting. good job for bobbi brown...

this is so good

when I'm under the sunlight, my face always get oily faster then ever, even when I put on my makeup.It really makes me crazy, and I finally found this maybelline pure makeup that help so much to cure my problem.

I love it. I use it twice a day. I used to have oily face but this product cures it. And it helps me much from pimples. and this facial wash is very recommended for people who have problems with oily skin and pimples