Pure Makeup


Kim S.
didn't break me out

I used this on and off as a quick application when I'm on the go or I leave it somewhere where I can just grab it (sometimes purse/car) and it works great but depends on what coverage your trying to get and how many blemishes you have that day. I always look for ingredients because I'm skeptical of everything now since I did some research on what's really in our products but I found this the other day and threw it out because I've had it for 2 yrs and foundation only last a yr before the chemicals either go rancid or they seperate and you can still use it but I strongly suggest you go by the expiration date and if you can't find the expiration date then there's a serial # on the item where you can look it up online to find out if it already expired or what not...gluck =)

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Maria Y.

This is one of my favorite foundations, i like the fact it does not dry my skin out and at the same time i feel like i am not wearing a foundation. It makes my skin breath and gives my skin this natural glow. love this product

Veronica T.

I honestly dont know why I stopped using this. The name says it all. Its pure and goes on perfectly. As long as you get the right color, it blends in flawlessly. If you need alot of coverage, I wouldnt suggest this. I think its perfect for the summer and for people that dont need a lot of coverage.

Peggy O.
this is so good

when I'm under the sunlight, my face always get oily faster then ever, even when I put on my makeup.It really makes me crazy, and I finally found this maybelline pure makeup that help so much to cure my problem.

Mary C.

I like the coverage, the feel and the fact that it doesn't dry my skin out and make it look matted seeing that I have dry skin. It compliments my skin rather well.

Kamy  F.

This is a really good product. I find that this product works better with combination skin or oily skin. It dosen't have enough coverage, but it does gives a flawless finish and look natural. It's my favorite fundation :) but i don't recomend it to someone with dry skin ;)

Nadia N.
Loved for every day

I loved this foundation but I cannot find it in store :( I was happy with it for an every day foundation. I wouldn't use it for night as I found it didn't give as much coverage as I would have liked for going out.

Liyah M.
It's ok

I bought this so that i could have some color on me when i travel. it's light weight and gives you a nice natural look and glow. it doesn't have Spf which sucks if they added SPF this product would be better.

Dana B.

This was the first foundation I ever owned and even though I was inexperienced I remember liking it a lot. The formula was a bit thick so I used to mix it up with a bit of thermal water to make it more blendable. It had medium coverage, but it was buildable, I used it in the summer and I had no problem with clogged pores at all. Unfortunately I can't find it in my country anymore...

Janel B.
Good Summer Foundation

One of the first foundations I used way back in high school but I've recently come back to it. I use Medium 2 in Pure Beige. Since it's 50% water, the coverage is light and makes for a nice alternative to Tinted Moisturizers over the summer. Since there isn't any SPF in this foundation, it would be ideal for parties, clubbin', and weddings because white casting won't be there. I agree with Whitney H. I haven't seen this foundation in any drugstores or Ulta lately so I don't think this is sold anymore. I was actually able to find this foundation one random day at a Big Lots.