Beauty Product Reviews

Way too much alcohol

I'm a Clinique consultant and I would never use this on my skin. It completely strips your skin of oils so it just overproduces it. I know other people like it but it has way too much alcohol in it to be healthy for your skin

Not for undereyes

Not too bad but definitely won't be repurchasing. I tried it for my severe under eye circles and it did absolutely nothing except turn them gray even when I put a concealer on top. It also cakes like crazy on my skin. I ended up throwing all of it away and buying the Bobbi Brown one which works much better, so I would rather spend more money for something that works.

I love this products! The only downside is that is rubs off midday and has parabens in it. But it feels really good on my skin which tends to get oily in the summer and has very buildable coverage. I typically wear this over a separate sunscreen.

just okay until it burned my eyes

It was okay with my makeup although it didn't take off any of my waterproof mascara. I used it for a few days and then it started burning my eyes and the skin around my eyes really badly