Beauty Product Reviews


TINY brush head GETS IN THERE and deposits pigment right into the lashline. Ideal for adding depth to the lashline, and also for those with light or blonde lashes, so you can avoid light roots that mascara can't reach. A MUST HAVE!

Gets in there!

Fast, soft, precise laydown brush. Handles corners and lower lashline, too. PERFECT size for smaller eyes, though all eyes can benefit from it.

Precise & Gentle!

Perfect density - firm, yet gentle. Gives a precise deposit of color, solid or smudged. A must have brush.

Hydrating & Soothing

I had an awful reaction to something (puffy, red, cracked and weeping patches) and used one of these masks hoping it would calm my skin. Indeed, it did, and it began to heal instantaneously. I was awestruck. It hydrated my skin beautifully and my skin felt great, too. I now use them once a week -- I look forward to my mask day!

A must!

Picks up and lays down foils and metallics like no other, and with near zero fallout. Zig-zag brush for optimal pick-up. Wasn't sure what I was going to think of the thick handle, but once I used it -- I loved it. I'm getting another!