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Brush 20 Eye Shadow Smudging Brush

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Shelly H.
Perfect for crease precision blending and lower lashline

I've had the eye set (including this brush) for over a year, and just ordered a second of brush 20. I use it every day and it is perfect for crease precision blending (especially blending between the crease and transition for one more level of transition), outer corner, and lower lash line. It's firm enough to be precise on the lower lash line but soft enough to blend without irritation. Now I'll have one to use for lighter shadows and one for darker. I love this brush. The only brush I love more is the WG 03. My two must-haves.

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Oxana F.
One of the Great Two for crease

Love using this brush for the detail work in crease, on outer corner and all over the lid. Great at pick up color and blend it out. Soft, no scratching or tugging skin. When I want to neatly and seamlessly place 3 or more colors near each other - I choose it.

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Alyssa R.
Photo of product included with review by Alyssa R.

Just got this today and tried it out. Sad that the bristles didn't really stay in tact after washing it once. Probably would not reccomend this particular brush

Patricia S.

Ich besitze mittlerweilen alle Augenpinsel von Wayne, doch diesen mag ich besonders gerne. Er eignet sich sehr gut auch für Detailarbeiten und gerade wenn man kleinere Augen schminkt. Man kann sehr präzise arbeiten. Was ich jetzt aber unbedingt auch einmal erwähnen möchte wie toll das Beautylish Team ist. Ich bestelle ja hier aus Deutschland und das läuft immer absolut Reibungslos. Vor allen Dingen wenn man tatsächlich einmal Fragen hat, sind sie immer für einen da, sehr, sehr freundlich und immer schnell. Ich möchte mich einmal recht Herzlich auch bedanken hier für so einen Service und bei den netten Mitarbeitern die immer bemüht sind.

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Sacha Z.
Mignon petit pinceau !

Qui n'irrite pas la peau des yeux (ni celles des couilles je suppose...).

Le prix est OK et la livraison est effaces.

Sharon T.
Another Love

You hit this out of the park. I am 60 never worm much make up a little shadow, mascara, a lipstick. Done Now I am trying more shadows. Still not foundation. I love using these I feel like a professional. Thank you Wayne Goss.

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Sharon T.
Love Love Love

Best crease brush love using his brushes for the eyes. Fit perfect for hooded eyes. He has made the for professionals and for novices alike. Thank you Mr. Goss

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Jessica E.

I was really excited to receive these Wayne Goss brushes! I am a follower of his on YouTube and decided to treat myself to his brushes as a holiday gift to myself. I spent days looking at reviews and speaking with the beauty helpers at Beautylish. They were excellent! I debated which to get and also considered the Sonia G's. Finally, after a week of reading and watching reviews, I took the plunge and made my order. I received the four Wayne Goss brushes late one evening and immediately washed them with the special wash I had purchased to have them ready for the next day. I noticed that the "Air Brush" stunk horribly of wet dog, but since they are natural brushes, I thought that might be normal. Luckily, it didn't stink after washing. The next morning I woke up early and to do my makeup. I was so excited! My poor husband had been hearing about these brushes all week! I purchased the Wayne Goss 19 and 20 and was horribly disappointed. They were stiff and uncomfortable on my lid. I thought that maybe I had not washed out all the soap, so I cleaned them again. The next day, the same thing. They felt awful on my lids! So stiff and unbending. Everyone says they are soft for goat, but I did not experience that. The Air Brush and Number 2 brush that I purchased were okay. Nothing great. They require you to build up your powders, but it just takes toooo long. Maybe I got a bad batch? Maybe I don't know quality? Either way, these are being returned. I would NOT purchase these brushes again. I think it may be a lot of hype. My Real Techniques are much softer and get the job done for a fraction of the price. Save your money. Sorry Wayne!

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Dee A.
Perfect brush!

I don't have hooded or particularly small eyes, but I've always struggled with eye makeup. The end result would be muddy, patchy or disappear altogether with blending. I decided that I needed some new brushes, and I was hoping that brush #20 would allow me to perfectly place and blend shadows. Thankfully, it delivered! The small size of this brush is a real game changer. I've realized that the brushes I was using, especially for my outer corner, were way too big. This brush is small enough for precise work but fluffy enough for blending. I can also use it with ease on my lower lash line.

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Laura L.
Wayne Goss 20 brush

Didn't like it at all- not sure if it was the bristles on mine or what wasn't right but it just didn't perform the way I thought it would. Also, it seemed a bit short to me- strange.

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