Beauty Product Reviews

Simply Divine!

What can I say, Wayne Goss hit a home run with his new blush/highlighter combo. The highlighter is just stunning. Doesn’t accentuate any skin blemishes or my aging skin. It really shows up as a nice glass-like finish without sparkles or glitter. The blush is a perfect color for my skin tone and just adds another layer of dimension and color. The formula is so sultry and creamy and doesn’t feel heavy. I am beyond happy and found my perfect blush/highlight combo. Not to mention, so much product for the price. You won’t regret your purchase.

Pros and Cons

With the exception of the black eye shadow, all are creamy! The glitter shade has tons of tiny glitter and although no fallout, it does spread and is just a wash of color with glitter. I could totally do without and would rather have a duo chrome instead. Sorry but glitter on my slightly hooded eyes isn’t my thing. The black shade is medium, sheet but hard to really blend with the other colors/ deepen to get that deep brown look. It has no fallout which is awesome and a little goes a long way. I can still use it and like that I have black as an option. I am a huge fan of WG and have his brushes and lipsticks. What really makes me want to give low stars is the packaging. It’s not fair that I dropped so much money and practically need pliers to open it. I’m not kidding ...mine isn’t just snug, it’s a two handed, get my fingernails inside a little edge and pry it open. It’s completely unacceptable and probably won’t use it much because it really is that bad. I was told to keep working it but it’s not resolved. Hence, this should have been fixed and not sold to anyone else the minute someone reported it the first time. Quality control does not seem to exist. Anyway, I think people with mature skin will enjoy this palette (if you can open it).

Wonderful brush!

I am so impressed with this brush. It is soft, versatile and is made well! The bristles are tight so it easy to pack on shadow. I use this brush to apply shadow to my lower lid and onto the crease since I have slightly hooded eyes. When I don’t want to have one color going from the lid to the crease, I use a smaller brush that he sells. If you have a lot of lid space, this is also great for you because you can generously pack on color with ease and it and it glides smoothly over the eye. I use it to also diffuse color as well and it blends effortlessly. I can’t imagine not having this in my collection. I’m truly a big fan of WG brushes.

Tiny and perfect

This is super tiny and my eyes are on the small side and lashes tight. This brush allows me to get under my lashes and apply a thin layer of product. Same with the top lid- just use it to push and apply. I absolutely love this brush and am so glad I found it.

A plus!!

This is a hit for me! It allows such precious when applying eye shadow and even liner. It’s not too soft but not overly firm either. It gets the job done and would purchase again and again!!

Great color

I love the color but the formula doesn’t seem to apply as easily as my less expensive liners. I would be hesitant to purchase this again but overall, am still satisfied with the longevity of wear. I just wish it applied better nothing more nothing less. Maybe mine had a defect, because other reviews said no tugging. This wasn’t the case for me :-( His lipsticks are a huge hit for me, however


OMG!! I love the new lipstick by Wayne Goss!! The formula is so moisturizing and creamy! The color, Lily, looks even better on my lips than the posted swatches. It lasts most of the day and applies smooth. I paired this up with his new lip liner pencil which I will review separately. Can’t wait to purchase additional colors. I’m just so impressed!