Beauty Product Reviews

love at second sight

the first time I used this, I was shocked by how bad it actually was. liquid, difficult to apply, a weird plastic brush..

The second time I used it, I was insanely in love. it is the blackest black ever, it gives soooo much lenght, soooo much volume it is impossible not to adore it.

it comes off extremely easy, water alone already dissolves it, so I would never recommend this in rainy days or to go to weddings or funerals.

like like like

the color range is not that impressive, let's be onest.. but I really love the champagne color I chose. it looks very pretty on the eye, but actually I mostly use this in my inner waterline to wake up my look in the morning!

unlike the scandaleyes eye pencils, which are completely waterproof and even kind of hard to remove, these shadows are pretty creamy, glossy, easy to apply and easy to take off.

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high end? no thanks

feels just like high end lipsticks. hands down, even better than most of high end lipsticks! The pigmentation is astonishing, che formula and the texture are extremely long lasting.. it slightly tints the lips, which is something I love love love, and has an impressive staying power. even if I pat it several times with a napkin it looks just like I just put it on!

as all very strong, pigmented, almost opaque lipsticks, it is VERY important to have good looking lips, moisturised and fully repaired.

( only negative thing is this could be a little bit drying, so if you have dry lips try using a balm underneath)


old school chic. it stays long, it is easy to apply, easy to take off.. it is even an amazing eye shadow base! the color is suitable for all skin types and all eye colors, ot never looks inappropriate or exaggerate. It looks good in the summer with a tan or in the winter with a pale face. total must-have!


alright. what is this product for? This is a serum to put on before going to bed if you know you won't get enough sleep. The promise is that in the morning you will look radiant. and, I swear, you will! it's so brightening you have no idea. of course it is the kind of product not everybody can need. In case you didn't.. good for you! But if you get sleepless nights and need to look fresh in the morning there we go, YSL has the solution.

good good good primer! I have quite oily lids, and it does work really well BUT it is kind of creamy, for my lids in the summer it becomes way too creamy and doesn't settle properly; to me it works worse than urban decay's primer potion! so, "only" 4 stars

in the beginning it's maybe a bit too liquid, but after some uses ot becomes absolutely perfect. 4.5 because many tubes have a defect and break almost straight away.. If you are interested in thiS product, ask the seller if he would change it in case the tube was broken!

for the price, this is awesome.. lasts long, doesn't chip, very pigmented.. perfect! The range of colors is good, I never had problems finding any shade I was looking for. I am not giving 5/5 stars because I think the salon pro line is better..

I use it mostly as a powder than as an actual foundation. It does work, but I think you could find a foundation equally as good for a quarter this price.. as all powder foundations, it's not suitable for people with dry skin or lots of wrinkles.