Rimmel London

Scandaleyes Shadow Stick


Lindsey G.

The colour wasn't that great when on. The pigmentation was horrible and it broke within a few days. The colour was brown. This was got when they were released but I can't say I like this product at all

Kendra H.
Great for costume makeup

I don't generally like products like this but I needed something cheap and very white to give myself anime eyes for Wizard World this year! The little bit of glitter gave my eyes the oomf they needed and the white was the exact shade that I wanted... Super pure and bright! It was easy to apply and to pack into a concentrated area. It also stayed put all day even through the sweating, hugging and downright fangirling I was doing that day! Although it is not a product I would use on an everyday basis I think it's great for costume makeup!

Heather I.
fun, vibrant colors

I like the colors and they cover well. They go on smooth and are vibrant. Maybe a larger variety of colors though. I like the turquoise and the bronze. I haven't tried them all yet but I will.

Alisa N.
Quick and easy

I love how fast I can put this product on, before school, early in the morning. I like products easy and fast, I get up late and how no time but this product is really perfect as a substitute for eyeshadow.

Sonia T.
like like like

the color range is not that impressive, let's be onest.. but I really love the champagne color I chose. it looks very pretty on the eye, but actually I mostly use this in my inner waterline to wake up my look in the morning!

unlike the scandaleyes eye pencils, which are completely waterproof and even kind of hard to remove, these shadows are pretty creamy, glossy, easy to apply and easy to take off.

Amanda B.
Nice Coverage

Great color with nice silver specs, this color would make a great color base for setting shadow and hasn't creased on me yet. Great color pay off as well. Rimmel has always been my favorite drug store brand, easy go-to products that haven't let me down yet. I would recommend this color to anyone looking for a great turquoise color.

Kate L.
Just like the rest

This isn't an awful product by any means, but I feel like there are so many other cream shadow pencils out there that are the same or similar shades to these. From what I saw at my local drugstore, all the shades have nicer dupes in NYX and Urban Decay.