Beauty Product Reviews

I always try to keep a peach blush as part of my natural make-up look or for a glow to my skin. I had rimmel but found they no longer make the shade I loved so much anymore. I found this at the drugstore bought it and now love it, I found my new peach blush.

This is the only Mascara I have bought since it came out, Stiletto Mascara was before this, I love what it does to my lashes, whether I'm wear false lashes or my own, it's lengthens and gives them such a great appearances and really opens my eyes wider

Love this gloss and shade, I hate that I can't find in the drugstores no more. I thought it was an excellent idea to include a mint flavor to it, great for kissing or just a fresh take on your lip gloss whenever I get chance to buy it this product I stock up on it