Cheekers Blush


Sophie N.

Great blush! It has a lot of pigment, but not to little too. I definitely recommend this product to young users like me. I feel like this color looks great on everyone.

Teia B.

I also like using this on my cheeks. Because it will give me this "embarressed / shy" look. It also helps bring out my "Goddess Glow" look that I am going for when I'm out to a gathering, so when I smile, everyone can see my glow.

Cynobia T.

I always try to keep a peach blush as part of my natural make-up look or for a glow to my skin. I had rimmel but found they no longer make the shade I loved so much anymore. I found this at the drugstore bought it and now love it, I found my new peach blush.

Carina L.
Love it!

This is the best blush I have ever had! I love the color and it looks great in my complexion. I been having it for a LONG time and I still have enough for a few more years. I totally recommend it. I do hate the brush it comes with; its too stiff and doesn't apply it well.