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Wetslicks AmazeMint

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Shabrina D.

i love this lipgloss!! its one of my favourite covergirl lipglosses!! i wear it to school everyday, it doesn't get sticky, it doesn't dry out my lips, it doesn't give me those white rings around my lips after an hour! AND it makes my lips feel more plumped! BONUS! I love the minty scent to it, it almost feels like its giving me instant fresher breath. i get alot of compliments when i wear this lipgloss. overall i highly recommend checking this out!

Renee K.

I love this lip product. It is one of my favorites! I have is Happy Hour 660. I like the feeling it gives to my lips. The smell is also very pleasant! It's very minty.

Steph L.
One of my Faves

I love the smell of this lipgloss. I wear it over lip balm as a nude lip. I also love that it's not sticky like some lip glosses I've tried in the past. Plus, I love that it is sheer also.

Cynobia T.

Love this gloss and shade, I hate that I can't find in the drugstores no more. I thought it was an excellent idea to include a mint flavor to it, great for kissing or just a fresh take on your lip gloss whenever I get chance to buy it this product I stock up on it

Jazmine F.
i luv this product it is so soft on my lips ;)

ever since i have tried this product it makes my lips feel soo nice and soft my lips smell so good and makes me feel like i have made a good lip gloss choice

Kali t.
liked it alot

my first impression of this was it isnt as highly pigmented at the wetslicks lipgloss, but it feels amazing on your lips, and its great if you want something thats not to bright. its not sticky, its very silky and glides on your lips. blends well with lipsticks, other glosses and looks great alone.

Zipporah K.
Not so much....

I am in love with the color because its a nice berry pink color and perfect for my skin tone. Although i like the shade i dont like that minty tingling sensation that you get. The concept behind this is it is supposed to be minty fresh to help freshen you breath which is a good concept but i am just not a big fan of the minty tingle sensation. I would not try this again but if you like that kind of feeling this my be the product for you. It is not sticky and is a good consistancy and is quite moisterizing...