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Wetslicks AmazeMint

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Cynobia T.

Love this gloss and shade, I hate that I can't find in the drugstores no more. I thought it was an excellent idea to include a mint flavor to it, great for kissing or just a fresh take on your lip gloss whenever I get chance to buy it this product I stock up on it

Zipporah K.
Not so much....

I am in love with the color because its a nice berry pink color and perfect for my skin tone. Although i like the shade i dont like that minty tingling sensation that you get. The concept behind this is it is supposed to be minty fresh to help freshen you breath which is a good concept but i am just not a big fan of the minty tingle sensation. I would not try this again but if you like that kind of feeling this my be the product for you. It is not sticky and is a good consistancy and is quite moisterizing...