Beauty Product Reviews

Good for drugstore!

I definitely like this foundation for the cost. It is light weight and does provide good coverage. I have very oily skin though and it tended to slide off my face even if I used powder too. So the application and setting of this is not very good but if you are looking for a light foundation and have skin that leans for dry, you will love it!

Glowy bronzed look

I love this bronzer because it combines bronze, blush, and highlight all in one. I am pale and I use contour bronzer which sometimes makes me look dirty so I have to be very careful. This stuff goes on great though and is never too dark. It's not an every day product for me because it isn't my absolute favorite, but it is great to have on days where you don't want to look too done up and want a light glow!

Why does no one talk about this?!

I had never heard of this mascara or even seen it until I got a free tube of it in my monthly beauty bag. I was immediately in love with the packaging and how adorable it was! But then I fell in love with his amazing it is! The brush is long and sort of smaller, so it is great for lengthining but it also adds volume. I usually use this for my lower lashes and as a second coat mascara because it gives a great pop.


I use this product as a highlight underneath my eye every single day. I'm very light, but use a tanner foundation but I still picked chantilly which is very very light. It blends so smoothly but is also thick and gives a bright eyed, full coverage look. I definitely reckoned this product for a highlight but also as an everyday concealer for blemishes. Love!!

  • Sin

This is the best basic eye product out there. I have never used any other eye primer because this stuff is so amazing. The price may deter people from buying it, but I have been using it for several years and am only on my second tube!! I also use it every day. I first bought the original color, then I decided to buy sin because I basically always use brownish shades of eyeshadow because that is what works with my eye color so that is what works for me best. It is a miracle worker, because I can go the entire day without one crease in my eye makeup. I have gone without primer before, and I would look in the mirror after a few hours and want to scream because my eyeliner was everywhere and my eyeshadow was a hot mess. Seriously, everyone who wears eye makeup needs this product in their makeup bag because it will change the game!

Mixed Thoughts

This brush is widely talked about so I felt like I needed to give it a shot. I think it is.. just okay. I tried to use this for foundation, and then I started using it for bronzer. I do not use it for either anymore. I basically have it for an extra brush. I do not recommend using it for every day makeup, but the price is good.


These wipes are my holy grail of all makeup remover wipes. I have tried so many different kinds of wipes to get rid of my makeup, and these are honestly the only ones that work. I have skin that is prone to redness and these wipes calm my skin down and make them fell so refreshed. I have never had any problems with these wipes and I love that they are all organic!

I've had better...

I do not like this dry shampoo formula at all for my hair. I have it in the travel size, so I kept in in my purse for days where I started to need a freshener for my hair. It is honestly almost identical to baby powder and just makes it feel heavy. I would only recommend this dry shampoo for someone who has very thin hair.

Kinda thick

I got this product in a monthly beauty bag and was very excited. I honestly enjoy it a lot, but only when I want a very thick lip product. It is very bright and try to color. I tend to need to put another color with it to tone it down some. So if you are looking for a very bright, thick lip color this stuff is definitely for you. Lip tar is the perfect name!

I am in LOVE with beauty blenders. They need to be used correctly though in order to get the full experience. I dampen it and use it to blend in my highlight before I contour. It is the only thing that works for me. Definitely recommend!

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