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Mizz Mea M.

I received this for the first time in an ipsy bag. I had heard good things about this mascara and always wanted to use it but never purchased it for the thought of it not being worth the money. So when i received it i was so amped and when i tried it i loved it to pieces. I wear it alone. I also pair it with fiber lash mascara and that is better than false lashes.

Jill M.
Perfect lashes

I already have some nice lashes, let's just get that out of the way, but when I put this on it took my lashes from a 5 to a 20!!!!!!!!! My lashes looked awesome!!! This product worked well on the lower lashes and the brush is big but not too big.

Joanna M.

Was always never a spender on mascara but I got this in a Tarte set and omg where have I been?! Love the packaging and the formula doesn't crack and dry during the day and it makes ur lashes look amazing!!

Jennifer B.
Amazing mascara!!

Wonderful non clumping, one coat super black mascara. The best I have ever used! It does not run and it's easy to take off. My eyelashes have actually grown since I started using this formula!

Tara B.
Why does no one talk about this?!

I had never heard of this mascara or even seen it until I got a free tube of it in my monthly beauty bag. I was immediately in love with the packaging and how adorable it was! But then I fell in love with his amazing it is! The brush is long and sort of smaller, so it is great for lengthining but it also adds volume. I usually use this for my lower lashes and as a second coat mascara because it gives a great pop.

Meagan  M.
Best build-able mascara

This was an ulta 21 days of beauty buy. I bought 4 $10 ea. I had tried a sample of this mascara and really liked it. So when I bought this mascara. It has been a hype product for quite some time. Many swear by it, rant and rave it. I like that this mascara isn't overly thick. When applied to the lash it spreads the lash horizontally and a little bit up. If you want vertical volume you may want to apply another coat of another product. Overall, this mascara is not clumpy. The wand and brush makes apply this specific mascara light and easy. You don't have globs of mascara on the brush. I really like this mascara and plan to continue to use it!