Yes To Cucumbers

On-The-Go Facial Towelettes


Heather D.
Must have!

I have sensitive acne prone combination skin. I use this to "wash" my face in the middle of a long 20 hour day. Cleanses without over drying skin and allows me to continue my day oil free!

Tara B.

These wipes are my holy grail of all makeup remover wipes. I have tried so many different kinds of wipes to get rid of my makeup, and these are honestly the only ones that work. I have skin that is prone to redness and these wipes calm my skin down and make them fell so refreshed. I have never had any problems with these wipes and I love that they are all organic!

mia M.

Love these towelettes . They remove makeup better than anything else I have tried.They also do not irritate and burn my eyes as much as many other removers.I love that it is almost 100% natural and is paraben free and cruelty free and is earth friendly. Love this brand.

Daria S.
Love it

I love these! I have very sensitive skin that gets red very easily. These took off all of my makeup very nicely and didn't break me out or turn me read at all! One night I was too lazy to use cleanser and moisturizer, and these wipes took all my makeup off and cleansed my skin. I don't recommend doing this on an everyday basis, but it's fine for a night. I recommend these 100%, and they are even better than the Neutrogena makeup wipes, which used to be my holy grail makeup removing wipes! xo, Daria youtube beauty vlogger

Chelsea S.

I love these, they have to be the best facial towelettes i have used! i have used other brands before but they made me break out. But with these i do not have to worry about braking out. they also remove all of your make up! :)

Alexandra H.
great makeup remover

It takes off all of my makeup. I even sometimes did not cleanse my face after that because I was too lazy, but I did not get any breakout the next morning. It does not irritate my skin and my skin is pretty sensitive. highly recommend it!

Victoria A.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! They are so convenient and they always leave your face feeling so fresh and ready to go! I love how easy they are. I've seen reviews stating that they don't take all your make-up off, but that's never been the case for me, it's always super easy and quick. My favorite on the go face towelettes!

Aley A.

I bought these for my travel makeup bag and I liked them enough to purchase them a second time. I like the cucumber smell and love that their cloths are thin and soft. I notice that they do not make me break out like some other wipes due to their greasy residue.

Piia V.

These things are great for if you're too tired/lazy for your entire facial routine, and for my super sensitive skin they don't make me break out or get totally red. They're gentle and smell pretty good. Personally I had a hard time removing my makeup with these because they dry out a little quickly after you take a sheet out of the package. They also tend to be drying, so I have to make sure to slather on my moisturizer right away or my skin gets tight after using these. Overall they're great for light makeup and days where you haven't really gone out of the house, but I wouldn't use these for heavy duty jobs.

Jasmine R.

I bought these at the grocery store one time. They feel so refreshing and light weight. My skin feels tingly and extra clean afterwards. Great for cleaning off makeup or a quick wipe after waking up!