Beauty Product Reviews

A Little Goes A Long Way

Omg! This primer is nothing short of amazing, I've tried all types of primers, even some that was more expensive then this and I must say there is nothing that I have tried that can compare to the magic thats in this adorable packaging. I'm new to this brand but I am very quickly becoming a fan. This product may seem small but a little goes a long way, and I like the little spatula that comes along with it. I can use a small pea size amount of product to prime my whole face! That in itself is amazing, seeing how I have a round face. I will definitely be stocking up on this product.

I ordered the wrong color, this color was to deep for my complexion, which although was a bummer, still was a good thing because it means a lot to have makeup that doesn't exclude women of color. Because the shade to deep to use as a foundation, but I will say that it does make the perfect bronzer and contour. I will ordering this foundation again hopefully I can get my shade right.

So Glad I Found This Brush

I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and bought this brush. After watching people rave about this brush online I knew I just had to have it. Although I've never spent $32 on a brush before, I would surely spend the extra cash on a Wayne Goss brush. I mainly use this brush for my highlighters. It makes a world of a difference in my opinion, its softness and over all feel is amazing.


Omg I am so happy that I found this primer. At first I was taken back for how small it was, but after using it for the first time I realize this is one of those, a little goes a long way type of products. To get the best results I find that, if I melt it into between my fingers and then rub it onto my cheeks, which is where my pores are a little more visible than I would prefer then this covers my pores very well. I like to rub it in really well and then just allow it to sit on my face for about five minutes before I apply foundation or another primer. It leaves my face looking and feeling so smooth and a nice natural matte finish.


You can not go wrong with this highlighter, it's definitely different than the rest in a good way. I almost want to say this is the perfect highlighter. The quality of this highlighter is worth the price tag. It's not like any other highlighter I own, and I own plenty. It gives just the right amount of glow, but can be intensified by spraying your brush with a setting spray. I feel like it gives me a very natural glow without all of the particles sitting on my face, the way it blends beautifully into my skin, I'm completely smitten by the beauty of this highlight. No buyers remorse for this highlighter.

A must have

this is the best thing since sliced bread. I apply this to my mascara, eyebrow pomade, eyeshadow, and even dipped my lip pencil in some of it. Duraline is great for helping to stretch product when I'm running low, or just help bring certain products to life. And a little truly goes a long way with this product.


Omg what's not to love about this primer, it's a little on the expensive but totally worth it. It leaves my skin looking and feeling smooth and semi matte. I have to reorder this. I apply this first and then another mattifying primer on top and leaves me with a perfect finish, that most of the time I don't use a setting spray or powder.