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This is the one cannot be replaced.

I got Gsn eyes and whole Z and a few Takumi. I have to say though the Z series is the best. Unfortunately it has very limited eye brushes. Z works best for a basic makeup. Gsn helps with more details. this one really really works amazingly. As long as you get good brushes.You could probably find another choice for other GSN. But Apart from this one. I don't know how to describe .it puts colours on your eyes perfectly. Can be used for a point colour with a naturally finished edge. This is definitely the one can not be replaced by any other good brushes

after using chikuhodo for 1month. this is actually a good brush. i use it for shading on my nose. The gsn2 is better for compact power . Z3 is better for eyelid

I use it and z2 for a perfect cheek looking. It's exactly a right size for a natural looking cheek. Not something special but definitely necessary for everyone. All in all, chikuhodo really give me a perfect experience.

Has its own function. I'm not quite used to small contour brush. But I'm happy to find out more about it. I started makeup 5 years ago. The only thing I'm sure that I had never made mistake on is using the best brush you can get. Thx for beautylish making chikuhodo available to me

Don't hasitate buying it. It is just the one you abesolutely need. Apart fromZ4 ,all of the z brushes clearly showed me their own function. Due to the quality, I'll say that this is the best eye brush in this shape

It is actually more beautiful than the picture. Before I get it I thought mk1 is not a good design to me. But now I'm confident that makie series are really really lush. By the way even the assistant says its shape is similar to Z1. Due to the hair length I would prefer to say it's more go for Z9 with is more suitable for loose powder.

I don't really use it as a Z2 plus z8 give me a better cheek looking. Um...well, quality is perfect but honestly it's the only one inZ series that is not useful to me.

Works perfectly on my Tom ford eye shadows

It is really great hair that help me to perform all the best of my shimmer shadows. I have got all the brushes from Tom ford. But they work so bad. Tom ford eye shadows actually shining beautifully but its brush almost destroy this. They Make me even start to put on shadows by finger. I had been using bobbi brown shadow and brushes for a long time which never make me disappointed. I changed into tom ford last month which waste me 500£ on their poor brushes. I thought the products may work better with the brushes from its own brand. Well,I have to say that is a huge mistake. Don't take a risk of your money. Even chikuhodo Z is a bit pricy but you won't be curious about a better brush from now on as it is the best.

the best item in all Z for me

if you ask me which is the amazing one in Z. I would definitely say Z2. This is the best brush that I've never enjoyed in other brands. z4 is a bit useless to me honestly. If I was able to try everything before order. I would get Z2 and Z8. Z2 is not only a cheek highlight but also for eyes and nose. Anyway it is really a brush for highlighter. A z2 plus Z8, works better than using z4. Picture is z4,z2&8

Fuller than Makie2

Actually Ive just found that z1 is 45mm. I'll buy it when the z7 come back in stock.z9 is For loose powder obviously. It looks almost the same as mk2. Even it is a bit fuller and softer than mk2. I would say that Z1 is not exchangeable by others. But z9 is possible to be taken place by mk2. According to the assistant mk2 is similar to z1. But due to the hair length. I would say that it's more for Z9. Actually I would suggest get z1 to z10 apart from z9. Get a mk2 instead. And get a mk1 for a whole face bronzing as the shape is more flat. I think mk3 looks more for a face blending or whole illuminating as the goat hair actually have an effect of polishing. But don't go down to other series. Chikuhodo are all great value and quality. But after tried the best hair. Honestly it's hard for me to use the TAKUMI123 whose shape are considered to be useful. The picture is z9 and mk2

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