Makie Series MK-2 Powder

CHIKUHODO Makie Series


Emily S.
Soooooo soft!
Photo of product included with review by Emily S.

I went thru a luxe brush purchasing phase where I wanted to replace my less expensive brushes with higher end brushes. I ended up buying the MK2 mostly because of the design on the handle. The brush is so beautiful and the quality makes it a standout. I have no brush softer than this. Granted the only other squirrel brush I have is a Wayne Goss #3 but my MK2 is even softer than that one. The brush feels wonderful to use and deposits the perfect amount of loose powder on my middle-aged skin. Wow is it pricey, but it's well worth it.

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Lindsay H.
pure luxury

A lovely brush. Very beautiful and soft. This brush is not a necessity, but really lovely.

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Toni V.

This brush is one of the softest brushes i own. I use this to powder my face with a finishing powder and I know find it handy with the application of the bronzer size of the by terry sun designer palettes! The price is very steep but i find myself reaching for this and my suqqu cheek brush more often for application of powder products.

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Beautiful and well made!
Photo of product included with review by ZIHE L.

Needless to say that this brush is so stunning and soft! Ok so on the practical side... Pictured below are Chikuhodo Z1, MK2, Hakuhodo s103 and Wayne goss brow brush. This brush is flat and not as dense as Z1, therefore it is good for pressed powders, and because of the density and shape, it does not pick up too much powder, and the flat shape helps getting into corners of your face, ie chin and sides of the nose. This brush gives a sheer coverage and will be great for people with normal to dry skin, because it doesn't give you too much powder to dry your face out or get caky, but you still get to set your make up. I also think it will be great for summer when setting make up with powder because of how sheer the coverage is. Due to its shape, I wouldn't use a "swirl" motion when using this brush. I find the best way to use it is to lay it flat in the press powder, both sides, and then lay it flat on the skin, either using a patting motion or drag gently and slowly.

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Xiao L.
Dense, soft & beautiful

The bristles are very very soft and dense, even much softer than I thought. I'm totally enjoying when I'm using this brush. Worth the price!

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Yanan Z.

It is actually more beautiful than the picture. Before I get it I thought mk1 is not a good design to me. But now I'm confident that makie series are really really lush. By the way even the assistant says its shape is similar to Z1. Due to the hair length I would prefer to say it's more go for Z9 with is more suitable for loose powder.

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