Beauty Product Reviews

Good for a light moisture for no weighed hair

I love this the mist is light and the moisture is light leaves hair silky good for summer and will not weigh hair down, smells lovely hair absorbs the scent, but why make a cap if it's job is to stay on the product when It doesn't?

Some awesome dramatic lashes going on

*Favorite mascara ever* No clumping what's do ever. the brush pulls and lifts your lashes to lengthen and dramatize them to perfection, a must for short lashed ladies and men,

Perfect non sticky gloss

This gloss has the most odd amazing it's consistency it's not sticky at all but feels like silicone on your lips and very smooth like you know it's going to stay on and it does! Great alone or as a topping.

Good for your collection

I'm placing the most abused brushes to the least abused

Buffing brush: *I love using the buffing brush for liquid foundation application it applies foundation quick beautiful perfect it blends it out and it's perfect no streaks. The brush doesn't shed and it's literally perfect and gives an airbrushed effect.

Contour brush: I love this brush so much it fits in the hollows of your cheeks and perfect for a contour/highlight application and has great blending abilities, no cons what so ever.

Detailer brush: If it was a tad bit bigger it would provide more use but it is a Detailer brush after all, it's great for getting I to the corners of the eyes and concealing special hard to get blemishes I don't use this brush much personally.

"Foundation brush" I'm confused by this brush it's to flat and small to be a foundation brush, I've used this for concealing under the eyes and it's okay and do able for that.

I changed my opinion

After using this more and more it's growing on me and this is why you should try something out more than a few times to give a trusted review (jeez Allie) okay so it does blend beautifully I just tried different techniques and I feel bad for judging at first but it's grown on me it does blend out well it's still very extremely pigmented like I mentioned before and very long lasting the thing that's keeping from it giving a perfect 5 stars is the color accuracy a couple of the shade had issues with but that's no biggie, love it.

Sexy scent

Great for evening, dinners, nights. Very sexy scent it does fade and it isn't the most long lasting thing ever but it is worth it fades to a lovely sweet yet musk vanilla scent and it does smell like licorice. it's like heaven meets hell in this perfume it's sexy yet innocent.

Best foundation I've ever tried

Very sleek cute edgy packaging, This foundation is extremely thick but don't let that put you off. You really need to use a buffing brush or a makeup sponge for this product to blend this out beautifully and make it work, Do not use a traditional foundation brush you will make it look cakey and you will waste product and hate the foundation. This foundation is unbelievably pigmented I'm convinced it's one of the most pigmented foundations ever to exist, I wonder if it covers up lies? anyways you have to work in sections because this foundation is so pigmented and thick you need ridiculously little which means this will last you centuries. I've never worn a foundation that made me look and feel so flawless and confident. This really does boost your confidence and makes you look airbrushed it's amazing it's matte it stays matte I didn't even use a primer no shine at all and it is long lasting I wore this in the morning and fell asleep at 2 am it was a long night (don't judge) and when I woke up it looked the same and I didn't get acne from leaving it on it holds on to your blush and bronzer and it doesn't transfer. It's really about technique with this foundation blend away use the right tools and you will this if you treat it and apply it like any old foundation you will hate it. This foundation deserves to be treated differently.

It's wax on your lips

The packaging is egg shaped it's cute it comes in a variety of scents, it wasn't completely useless it did offer such a small amount of moisture to my lips but it's not enough for chapped lipped people. It's very waxy I really don't know how to feel about this but one thing I discovered was when you first open this product up it and after a couple of months it will age and be more moisturizing (it's weird) I hated it so much as first but as the product ages it gets...better... It's a very confusing product I personally wouldn't bother repurchasing lol.

It's okay

I can now understand why this is on sale. The colors are a bit chalky and some colors are not smooth which makes it time consuming to blend, I can spend minutes trying to blend (I have hooded eyes so it's even more difficult) This palette is very pigmented which is a highlight for me but colors some like the green shade (I forgot the name) came off not green at all the colors are very long lasting on your eyes which I love they will last you from dawn to night which is another high light, it was practically 50% off so I say get it because it is nice to own I guess I had a bad batch but this was ridiculously hard to blend and a couple of colors trick you when you swatch them it does come with eyeliner and ud travel size primer which is always nice to have more of, it's okay.


I really love this concealer, I got this in a lighter shade to brighten up the areas in my face. The consistency is not too thick but it's also not too thin and runny though it's a little on the thinner side which makes it's easily blend able concealer I do find it to work best on my fingers (or beauty blender) than with a brush. The tube makes it less of a hassle and this product has no scent, has great coverage though build-able. this product truly does last all day I am always skeptical to lasting claims but this product is really long lasting I have worn this for 16 hours and it was still looking the exact same since I had it on and as matte as I had first put it on, it's practically my holy grail concealer.