Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisturizing Leave-In Spray


Allie K.
Good for a light moisture for no weighed hair

I love this the mist is light and the moisture is light leaves hair silky good for summer and will not weigh hair down, smells lovely hair absorbs the scent, but why make a cap if it's job is to stay on the product when It doesn't?

Julia N.
Great except the cap!

I love this and it detangles my hair nicely! I'd highly recommend it for static-y or dry hair. It makes my hair nice and soft and I use it on my wet hair after a shower. I really wish they would change the cap though because it will not stay on!

Ashley H.

It smells amazing and makes my hair feel really soft and is a good detangler. I use the spray right after I get out of the shower. I put it in throughout my hair then massage it in with my fingers and it works great and absolutely amazing love it even though the shampoo and conditioner didnt work well in my hair it made it too heavy but this spray is great.