Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette


The Ribbons L.

Perfume Ipnotic is a scent that takes you, kidnaps, has as a hypnotic power that does not go unnoticed. It 'a full-bodied scent, rather nice, but that is not heavy. A mix sweet and spicy, that fall in love. Has its own charm, a character that you can not smell imitare.Un suitable mainly in the winter season, on important occasions. It can also be used in the summer, but better for the evening, to make it more magical, day perhaps would be a tad pesante.Bene also for autumn and primavera.E 'a very persistent fragrance, skin and clothes remains long. Who wears Hypnotic it recognizes distanta, because even with a small spray, it feels very unique and leaves a trail.

Allie K.
Sexy scent

Great for evening, dinners, nights. Very sexy scent it does fade and it isn't the most long lasting thing ever but it is worth it fades to a lovely sweet yet musk vanilla scent and it does smell like licorice. it's like heaven meets hell in this perfume it's sexy yet innocent.

Mary M.
My fav!!!!

A few years ago I got a set of 5 baby-perfumes by Dior.. and this was my fav!!!! Dior perfumes have always been the best ever but this is just undescriptible!!!! A fruity-citric smell, kinda sassy-misterious, nothing to regret!!!! Hope this helped :)

Lera J.
My favorite fragrance

Okay, all i can say is I have been wearing this from the day it came out. Everyone knows me by this smell. I get stopped when I wear it...it's amazing. I love it...I do wear other fragrances but this is my GO TO if i want to feel my best and be noticed. Men really enjoy it...must be the Vanilla in it...i'd classify it as more of an "evening" fragrance...for whatever that is worth....get it, its AWESOME, just don't hang out with me when you're wearing it ;-) after all it is MY signature sent...LOL

Nabila V.
One of my all time favorites!!!!

This is one of my all time favorite perfumes. To me everything about this fragrance is sexy and sultry. One or two spritzes of this fragrance can last the entire night. It is sweet but there is just something about it. I keep this one for special occasions!!! I am a fan of Dior Perfumes

Zelie P.
my favorite perfume ever!

This is my favorite perfume out of all the perfumes I have ever worn or smelled, and I have tried quite a few. I will wear others sometimes but I haven't found anything that I love as much as I love this one. It's sweet and delicious smelling, but not in a cheap way, in a really lovely way. I adore wearing it, and smell my wrists a lot and smile when I do, even after having worn it again and again for years! The bottle is also really cute, it makes me think of the poisoned apple in snow white.

Jeni D.

Smoky, sexy and super sweet! I love this fragrance. It's my all time favorite. I love that its a sophisticated, dark gothic type scent with added sweetness to counter balance the richness , and lighten it up a bit. I love how it mixes with my own body chemistry to make a scent that is not only long lasting, but makes me feel feminine and sexy when I wear it .

Nichola O.
A scent that combines sugar and spice and everything nice.

This scent is one of my favorites. I've worn it for years alone and layered. It has a very girlie first note but decends into a very sexy and lingering lower range. For those of you who enjoy a perfume with character that develops over time this is the scent for you.

Selina T.

I was in The Bay with my best friend, and we came across this perfume and we both fell in love and bought it right away. I wear this all the time. it smells SO good! I would be heartbroken if they stopped selling this.

Lisemarie V.
My Signature Scent

I adore Dior fragrances, they seem made for me and all I have tried have worked wonderfully with my body chemistry, including the perfumes I don't like in the bottle. One thing I should note, is that I am a person with extreme sensitivities and can't wear patchouli. It is in so many fragrances that I am limited, I have had no problems with any Dior I have worn. This particular scent is my all-time favorite and I have been wearing it since it came on the market. I can best describe it as a soft oriental, a warm spiced-autumnal scent with a subtle sweetness. A musky spice, with vanilla and warm green notes, and a touch of sandalwood. It is warmth in a bottle. It is very sensual, when people hug me, hugs last longer when I wear this perfume. I truly adore this perfume. Thank you, Dior!